Operating + capital budgets

Learn more about the budget cycle and the approved operating and capital budgets.

The City budget considers legislated responsibilities and the expected service levels the community desires. Council reviews and approves capital budgets and operating budgets on an annual basis. Below you will find the budget summaries. For more information on the budget Presentations and Discussions, please review council agendas and minutes.

City budgets

Operating budget$63,876,500$66,045,500$69,079,500
Capital budget$16,359,500$18,113,500$22,977,000

Water + sewer budgets

Operating budget$18,032,500$18,690,550$19,377,550
Capital budget$4,236,000$10,815,000$7,076,000

Property tax rate increase

Increase for capital1.00%1.00%1.00%
Increase for operating0.93%0.47%0.93%
Total increase1.93%1.47%1.93%
* average increase on residential bill   

Water + sewer rates

Base charge – water$22$23$24
Consumption per cubic metre$1.26$1.29$1.31
Base charge – sewer$35$36$37
Consumption per cubic metre$1.60$1.80$2.00

Water + sewer rates for Prince Edward Estates

Base charge – water $22$23$24
Consumption per cubic metre$1.26$1.29$1.31
Base charge – sewer$91$91$91
Consumption per cubic metre$1.60$1.80$2.00

2021 + 2022 budget documents

Some technical documents and papers make up the detailed budget information package. Summary budget documents are listed below for more detailed information please refer to council meeting minutes. If you require a document in an alternative format, contact 613-392-2841 or finance@quintewest.ca

2019-2020 budget documents

Detailed budget documents are listed below. If you require a document in an alternative format, contact 613-392-2841 or finance@quintewest.ca

Budget structure and process

Through a carefully planned budget, we deliver valuable services to residents. Budget priorities are guided by our strategic plan and engagement with the community. 

City council considers the budget proposed by staff and finally approves a capital and operating budget. The capital covers the building and rebuilding of things such as roads, city facilities, or buying new vehicles. Operating covers the costs of delivering municipal services, such as salaries, supplies and electricity costs. 

Past budgets

If you require budget information before 2019, call 613-392-2841 or email finance@quintewest.ca.

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