Operating + capital budgets

Learn more about the budget cycle and the approved operating and capital budgets.

City budgets

The City of Quinte West’s budget is a financial plan that outlines the estimated revenue and expenses needed to fund the day-to-day costs of delivering services such as fire protection, maintenance of parks, economic development services, and community events, and long-term investments, such as renewing existing roadways, renovating City buildings and arenas, and buying equipment used to provide services. 

The budget is developed based on input from various city departments, community members, Council and other stakeholders, to ensure the City’s financial alignment with the deliverables of its strategic plan and priorities for the future.

2024 Budget

The City of Quinte West has released its proposed 2024 budget in a new budget book format this year. The new budget book helps to centralize and improve the transparency of the City’s annual budget information, recommendations, and forecasts for Council and the public. The 2024 Budget Book is being released in versions to allow Council and the public the greatest amount of time possible to review next year’s proposed budget.

2024 Budget Book – Final Version 

2024 Water/ Wastewater – Final Version 

2024 approved budget

Quinte West Council voted to approve the City’s 2024 budget at the Special Council – Budget meeting on Jan. 8. 

The approved 2024 budget of $80.6 million reflects an overall 6.7% total tax increase that prioritizes maintaining existing service levels and protecting the City’s long-term fiscal health.

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The City’s proposed 2024 budget was developed with input from residents and community members, Council and all City departments. New this year, the City offered a virtual budget engagement process on the City’s public engagement website, Get Involved Quinte West. The engagement process welcomed questions, ideas, and surveys from residents and community members to help shape the 2024 budget.

Budget review process

2024 Budget Book – Version One

  • Posted on the City’s website on Nov. 30, 2023.
  • Presented to Council at the Dec. 6 and 7, 2023 Special Council meetings.

2024 Budget Book – Updated

  • Posted on the City’s website on Jan. 10, 2024.
  • Presented to Council at the Jan. 17, 2024 Special Council meeting.
  • This version will include changes and recommendations from the December Special Council meetings.

2024 Budget Book – Approved

  • The approved 2024 budget has been posted on the city’s website

Quinte West residents are welcome to provide comments or address Council as part of the budget review process. Public input can be submitted in writing to clerk@quintewest.ca for distribution as correspondence to Council. 

Individuals that wish to address Council in-person or virtually at an upcoming Council meeting can attend any of the budget review meetings to speak during the public input period. More information about the City’s Speaking at Council process is available at quintewest.ca.

To find out about dates, contact information and the budget survey, click here.

Budget facts

Each year, the City budgets for expenditures in the following areas.

  • The capital budget is based on a ten-year plan that outlines how the City will spend money on long-term investments, such as renewing existing roadways, renovating City buildings and arenas, and buying equipment used to provide services. 
  • The operating budget outlines the City’s annual expected revenue and expenditures, and funds the day-to-day costs of delivering services such as fire protection, maintenance of parks, economic development services, and the delivery of community events. 
  • The water and wastewater budget outlines the annual expenses related to ensuring clean drinking water and the treatment of wastewater, as well as the maintenance and repair of wastewater treatment facilities and sewer systems. 
  • Funding to external agencies supports local organizations that deliver important community programs and  services, including public health and health care services, conservation authorities, transit, and libraries.

Multi-year budget

The multi-year budget format ensures the strategic goals and priorities identified by Council in the City’s Strategic Plan are appropriately budgeted for over each four-year term. This budget format consists of annual capital and operating budget, 10-year Capital budget forecasts, and 4-year operating budget forecasts in alignment with each four-year term of Council. 

Capital and operating budgets

Funding of this City’s capital and operating budgets is achieved through user fees, service charges, grants, reserves and property taxation. Council reviews and approves capital budgets and operating budgets on an annual basis. 

The City budget considers legislated responsibilities and the expected service levels the community desires. Council reviews and approves capital budgets and operating budgets on an annual basis. Below you will find the budget summaries. For more information on the budget Presentations and Discussions, please review council agendas and minutes.

Operating Budgets

City (Net Expenditures) $74,272,800$80,637,355
Water/wastewater (Net Expenditures)  $21,723,300$23,532,900

Capital Budgets

To view the below chart in full-screen click the [ ] icon
on the bottom-right of chart.

* Fleet projects only – Subject to change

** OCIF = Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund
CCBF = Canada Community-Building Fund
DC Debt = Development Charges Debt
W/WW Rates = Charges on Water/Wastewater Bill

Property tax rate increase

Increase for capital 1.00%2.00%
Increase for operating 0.93%3.36%
Total increase 1.93%5.36%
* average increase on residential bill   

Water + sewer rates

Base charge – water $24$25
Consumption per cubic metre $1.31$1.34
Base charge – sewer $37$38
Consumption per cubic metre $2.00$2.10

Water + sewer rates for Prince Edward Estates

Base charge – water  $24$25
Consumption per cubic metre $1.31$1.34
Base charge – sewer $91$91
Consumption per cubic metre $2.00$2.10

2022 + 2023 budget documents

Some technical documents and papers make up the detailed budget information package. Summary budget documents are listed below for more detailed information please refer to council meeting minutes. If you require a document in an alternative format, contact 613-392-2841 or finance@quintewest.ca

Budget structure and process

Through a carefully planned budget, we deliver valuable services to residents. Budget priorities are guided by our strategic plan and engagement with the community. 

City council considers the budget proposed by staff and finally approves a capital and operating budget. The capital covers the building and rebuilding of things such as roads, city facilities, or buying new vehicles. Operating covers the costs of delivering municipal services, such as salaries, supplies and electricity costs. 

Past budgets

If you require budget information before 2022, call 613-392-2841 or email budget@quintewest.ca

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