Construction projects

Find out what roads and trails are under construction or planned over the next year.

We maintain city roads, trails and sidewalks through the rehabilitation of new building projects. This page will provide you with more information on reporting potholes and current construction projects. 


We fix potholes as needed throughout the year. To report a pothole, email us at or by calling 613-392-2841, ext. 4912 during business hours. 

If your vehicle was damaged from a pothole on a city street, visit our insurance claim page to learn more about making a claim. 

2023 Construction and parks projects

Learn more about the projects happening this construction season.


The following roads are scheduled for asphalt paving in the summer and fall of 2023:

  • DJ MacDonald Bridge approaches (Front Street to Marmora Street)
  • Harcourt Road (Hillcrest Drive to Hartsmere Road)
  • Herman Street (George Street to Dundas Street)
  • Foxboro-Stirling Road (Eggleton Road to Rodgers Drive)
  • Foxboro-Stirling Road (Eggleton Road to Oak Lake Road)
  • Francis Street (Sidney Street to Marmora Street)
  • Frankford-Stirling Road (Sager’s Corners to municipal border)
  • King Drive (Concession Road to Adelaide Road)
  • Queen Street (William Street to Morgan Street)
  • Somerset Street (Sidney Street to Byron Street)
  • South Street (Dundas Street East to Bay Street)
  • South Street (Dundas Street Eat to Heber Street)
  • Telephone Road (Tate Road to Fraser Road)
  • YMCA parking lot entrance

Construction spring to summer 2023

The Wooler Road CNR/CPR Overpass is located in Murray ward within the City of Quinte West. The bridge crosses over both the Canadian National Railway (CNR) and the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) at approximately 2.3 km south of Highway 401 and 950 m north of Highway 2.

It was recently determined that the bridge requires rehabilitation and/or replacement.

The City of Quinte West is undertaking an environmental assessment study to identify and evaluate solutions to address the aging infrastructure and accommodate future growth. 

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Construction spring to summer 2023

Crack sealing is the process of filling individual pavement cracks with an adhesive sealant to prevent entry of water or substances such as sand, dirt, rocks or weeds. 

Roads throughout Quinte West will undergo crack sealing as required during the summer of 2023.

Line painting will occur on roads throughout Quinte West in the summer of 2023.

Line painting on roads is an important highway safety feature that provides guidance to drivers and pedestrians. It includes lane lines, edge lines, centre lines and crosswalks.

Line painting is a moving operation. Flashing lights and signs are mounted on the back of equipment to warn motorists that line painting is being done.

Line painting tips for motorists

  • Slow down – line painting vehicles travel slowly so please slow down, stay alert and be patient when warned of work ahead
  • Keep back – stay at least 8 to 10 car lengths behind line painting equipment to avoid running over wet paint
  • Don’t pass – never pass a paint truck unless instructed to do so by a police officer; the paint truck will pull over to allow cars to pass when conditions are safe to do so

The following roads are scheduled to receive surface treatment in the summer of 2023: 

  • McMaster Road (English Settlement Road to Powerline Road)
  • Powerline Road (Stoney Point Road to Bigford Road
  • Settlement Road (from Paul Street to County Road 40)
  • Teal Road (from Jarvis Road to County Road 40)
  • Germans Landing Road
  • Crowe Road (from Hearns Road to Deer Run Road)
  • Maybee Road (from Thompson Road to Stockdale Road)
  • Aikins Road (from CN railroad tracks to CP tracks)
  • Rose Road (from Harrington Road to Frankford Road)
  • Wickens Road (from Mapleview Road to Zion Road)

Water and/or sewer replacements

The list and status of construction projects scheduled for 2023 may change without notice. 

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