Construction projects

Find out what roads and trails are under construction or planned over the next year.

We maintain city roads, trails and sidewalks through the rehabilitation of new building projects. This page will provide you with more information on reporting potholes and current construction projects. 


We fix potholes as needed throughout the year. To report a pothole, email us at or by calling 613-392-2841, ext. 4912 during business hours. 

If your vehicle was damaged from a pothole on a city street, visit our insurance claim page to learn more about making a claim. 

Active construction projects

McGill Street

An extended road closure began Monday, May 17 for McGill Street (between Queen Street and Dufferin Avenue) and Lorne Avenue (between Shuter Street and Creswell Drive.)

*Curb has been completed. Preparation for sidewalk and base asphalt continues.

King Street

Pedestrian Crossing work is scheduled to be completed within the next week.

Farley Crescent

This project is complete.

Richard Street

Beginning Monday, June 28, there will be an extended road closure for Richard Street between Sidney Street and James Street.

 *Underground infrastructure is 90% complete, with aboveground works to follow.

River Drive

Line painting will begin in the coming weeks.

County Road 64

Base asphalt is complete. Surface asphalt is scheduled for the week of Aug. 30, 2021.

In 2020 we will complete work on King Street from Catherine Street to Victoria Avenue. This project includes watermain and sewer replacement, new sidewalks, curbs, and active transportation paths. More info.

In 2020 we will do a full reconstruction of Queen Street from Dundas Street West to Creswell Drive. This will include watermain and sewer replacement, as well as new curbs and sidewalks. More info.

The parking lot next to Fraser Park will be closed starting Monday, May 6, through until the end of June. This closure is necessary as crews will replace a wastewater pipe as a part of a significant ongoing infrastructure project for the City of Quinte West. Throughout the spring, construction work will be taking place in the Fraser Park parking lot and on Fraser Park Drive. 

What to be aware of during the construction:

  • The Fraser Park parking lot will be closed starting May 6th until the end of June.
  • The public washrooms at the fueling station will remain open during this time.
  • Fraser Park Drive will have a partial lane closure at various times, primarily from mid-May to mid-June.
  • Boat access to the fuel station will be uninterrupted during construction.

This phase of the project is scheduled to be completed by early July, at which time the parking lot will be reopened. Should there be any changes to this information, the City will provide timely updates.

  • County Road 64 (Alyea Road to Fort Kente Road.)
  • Trenton-Frankford Road (North of 401 to Johnstown Road.)
  • County Road 40 (Hwy 401 to Colonial Drive)
  • Metcalfe Street (Front Street to Pelham Street)
  • Mercia Street (Francis Street to Dominion Street)
  • Farley Cresent (Dundas to Dundas Street West)
  • River Drive (Frankford Road. to 800 m north)
  • McGill Street Reconstruction (Dufferin Avenue to Queen Street)
  • Lorne Avenue Reconstruction (Creswell Drive to McGill Street)
  • Richard Street Reconstruction (Sidney Sttreet to James Street) 

The City of Quinte West has many roads that have a ‘tar and chip’ surface treatment. This surface treatment method is also known as ‘chip seal,’ It is used on rural roads with low to medium volumes of traffic as a more cost-effective and durable alternative to asphalt paving. Tar and chip roads get resurfaced approximately every 7-10 years.

During and after the work has been completed, you can expect to see a higher than average dust amount. The contractor will begin by pulverizing the road. A layer of hot asphalt will be applied, followed by an even layer of angular aggregate stones rolled into place. These stones are further pushed into the asphalt tar by traffic on the road.

Once the work has been completed, we ask that you not sweep the street when the chip is still loose. Residents are also invited to reduce their speed when driving. This will help minimize the disturbance of the stones to ensure an even clean surface and reduce dust.  

Roads scheduled for 2021:

  • Murray Street
  • Powerline Road
  • Bigford Road
  • Reid Road
  • English Settlement Road
  • Lodge Road
  • Maple View Road
  • Marsh Hill Road
  • Pyears Road
  • Harrington Road
  • Mackenzie Road
  • Glen Ross Road
  • Colonial Road

Revitalization of public boat launch located on Ontario Street at Baptiste Street

May 2021 update

Construction has started on a new watermain and booster pumping station on the east side of the Trent River to connect Frankford and Trenton water distribution systems. The construction will take place on Glen Miller Road starting in May through until October. There will be lane closures with traffic control and the public should expect delays.

Notice of class environmental assessment completion
The City of Quinte West has completed this Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study to determine the preferred solution to provide increased water capacity for the Frankford/Batawa drinking water system. The link below contains further details regarding the City’s identified preferred solution. 

Notice of Study Completion – Feb. 15 -2021

Virtual public information centre (PIC) package
The City’s consultant recommends the connection of the Frankford and Trenton water systems on the East side of the Trent River as part of the class environmental assessment process.

The City is soliciting public input into the planning and design of this project. In lieu of a public open house, a project information package is available below.

PIC information package – June 11, 2020

Frankford Water Capacity – Class EA
The City has identified a need for additional water capacity to support recent and planned future growth in the Frankford and Batawa areas. A Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study has been initiated to determine the preferred solution that provides increased water capacity for the Frankford/Batawa drinking water system.

Notice of commencement – Oct. 1, 2019

This list is for general information only, not to be used for decision-making on land development, site alteration, private construction or real estate.

Future construction projects

We have no future construction projects planned at this time. Please check back later for more information.

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