Subdivisions + condominiums

To apply to divide the land into multiple parcels so they can be held in separate ownership, you need to develop a plan of subdivision and/or condominium.

The City of Quinte West is the approval authority for plans of subdivisions and condominiums within our boundaries. The approval process is regulated by section 51 of the Ontario Planning Act and includes consideration of a wide variety of issues, including infrastructure, traffic, schools, parkland and protection of natural features. 

Subdivision approval ensures that: 

  • The land is suitable for its proposed new use.
  • That the proposed use conforms with the Official Plan and applicable zoning regulations as well as provincial legislation and policies; and
  • The community is protected from development which may put an undue strain on existing community facilities, services or finances.

Any new subdivision must have a “registered plan of subdivision” prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor, reviewed and approved by the City and registered with the appropriate Land Registry Office. 

Subdivision application process:

  • Pre-consultation meeting(s) with Planning and Development Services staff.
  • Submission of a complete application with a draft plan of subdivision.
  • Planning staff will review the application, draft plan and required studies and reports and circulate to municipal departments and local agencies for comment as required. 
  • Notice of application is mailed to property owners within the legislated circulation area of 120m advising of the date and time of the planning advisory committee (PAC) meeting.
  • A staff report is prepared for consideration by PAC.
  • Minutes of the PAC meeting containing a recommendation to approve or deny are forwarded to city council. 
  • Council considers PAC recommendation and makes a decision.
  • Notice of decision issued and circulated noting the legislated appeal period.
  • If the decision is approved and no appeals are received, the development can move forward through draft conditions to subdivision agreement and registration.
  • If the decision is denied, the developer has the option to appealing to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT), which may or may not support Council’s decision. 


See below for current City of Quinte West application fees. All fees must accompany applications at the time they are submitted. Planning applications that are deemed to be fully complete will be scheduled for the next available meeting within the timelines set out in the Ontario Planning Act. Dates are subject to change. 


Note:  For all subdivision/condominium applications, a trust deposit is required in addition to the application fee.  Legal, public works, conservation authority and municipal plan review fees associated with an application for draft plan of subdivision/condominium or part lot control exemption are charged at actual cost. Refer to “Trust Deposits,” “Administration of Trust Fund Deposits,” and “Other Fees” detailed on scheduled “F” of bylaw 20-099. 



Application for draft plan of subdivision / condominium / part lot control exemption 

$ 3,821

Preparation of subdivision agreement fee

$ 767

Application to amend draft plan approval/conditions (red line amendment)

$ 767

Application for final approval of draft plan of subdivision / condominium / condominium exemption

$ 767

Subdivision trust deposit 


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