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Our corporate policy manual provides guidelines for the creation, management, retention and approval of corporate policies for the city. 


This policy has been draft in accordance with the Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA), and addresses the following: 

  • The provision of goods and services to persons with disabilities;
  • Notice of temporary disruptions in services and facilities;
  • The use of assistive devices by persons with disabilities;
  • The use of service animals by persons with disabilities;
  • The use of support persons by the person with disabilities; 
  • Customer feedback regarding the provisions of goods and services to persons with disabilities; 
  • Training for all persons outlined in Section 2 below; and, 
  • notice of the availability and format of documents. 

Download the full City’s accessible customer service policy (PDF).

  • To comply with Section 270(1) of the Municipal Act, as amended, which requires that all municipalities adopt and maintain a policy concerning how the city will try to ensure that it is accountable to the public for its actions and how the city will try to ensure that its actions are transparent to the public. 
  • Guide the delivery of the City’s activities and services in accordance with the principles as outlined in the Municipal Act.

Download the full accountability and transparency policy (PDF)

  • Establishes the framework that guides the City in managing its physical assets
  • Communicates expectations and goals
  • Drives long term thinking and planning
  • Supports financial stability
  • Supports evidence-based business cases for budgets and long term forecasts

Download the full asset management policy (PDF)

  • Opportunity to allow community groups, organizations, or individuals to use various display areas of city hall for an educational, cultural, civic or recreational nature, but not for commercial, political or religious purposes. Display areas include all public wall space, excluding council chambers.
  • Rules and regulations regarding the use of exhibit space and displaying artwork

Find more information and submit a request here

  • To assist in the provision of grants to organizations and non-profit associations in a consistent manner.
  • Outlines the community fund’s primary purposes by maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for Quinte West residents, developing a healthy and sustainable community, promoting citizen participation and volunteerism, and responding to community needs and interests. 

Download the full community fund policy (PDF)

  • To establish guidelines for leasing property owned by the City of Quinte West.
  • Provide a framework for managing leases in a fair, transparent and accountable manner, and ensure that returns to the City are fair, reasonable, and are in the best interests of the City.

Download the full corporate leasing policy (PDF)

  • Providing staff guidance on how to use an e-signature when an e-signature is appropriate
  • Ensure that users follow the processes when using handwritten signatures and translate/adhered to the electronic process. 
  • To expedite workflow processes and improve customer service. 

Download the full electronic signature policy (PDF)

An encroachment agreement is a written confirmation between the City and an owner of a property that allows a structure that extends onto the City or public property to remain in place. There is a cost associated with this type of agreement. 

Download the full encroachment procedure and application (PDF).

  • Developed to create consistency and set parameters around the waiving or reducing fees to various service clubs, community groups and volunteer organizations.
  • Provides the eligibility criteria for the approval of fee waiver or reduction.
  • Provides information on the application process. 

Download the full fee waiver policy and application (PDF)

  • Protocol for the half-masting of flags on municipal property. 
  • Designated locations
  • Types of locations

Download the full flying flags at half-mast on municipal property policy (PDF)

  • The procedures are about the rental and cancellation of ice/floor time at the City of Quinte West arenas.

Download the full ice and floor rental cancellation policy (PDF)

The technology use policy is a comprehensive policy document intended to guide any employee using the City of Quinte West technology or employees who oversee the use of technology by contractors or guests. 

This policy aims to protect the integrity of all data within the City’s technology infrastructure and prevent data from being deliberately or inadvertently stored insecurely on any device or system where unsanctioned resources can potentially access it. 

Download the full information technology use policy (PDF)

  • Provides responsible management practices at functions or occasions held at City of Quinte West facilities, properties or areas where alcohol is available.
  • It was developed to enhance and promote the social enjoyment and physical safety of everyone who uses these facilities and areas while avoiding or minimizing any alcohol liability issues. 
  • Provides eligible facilities and areas designated for alcohol use if a Special Occasion Permit has been obtained. 

Download the full municipal alcohol policy (PDF)

  • Guidance in the naming of municipal streets, properties, buildings, bridges and park elements after significant geographical, neighbourhood and historical elements
  • Guidance in the recognize on an exception basis, significant contributions that organizations or individuals have made to the public life and the well-being of the people of the City of Quinte West.
  • Guidance in providing direction on how to apply for approval to name, rename or dedicate municipal property, buildings or park elements (corporate assets)

Download the full naming of corporate assets policy (PDF)

  • Through the Municipal Act, 2001 to acquire land for municipal purposes.
  • The procedure and framework of how real property is purchased for a municipal need consistent with the City mandated programs, projects and policies, and provincial legislations.

Download the full purchase of land policy (PDF) 

  • A process for road closure/conveyance of unopened road allowances within the city of Quinte West.
  • Sets the process and procedure associated with the closure and conveyance of unopened road allowances within the City of Quinte West’s jurisdiction.

Download the full road closure and conveyance policy (PDF)

  • To establish determined warming and cooling centres for the City of Quinte West to be made available to individuals during extreme temperatures.
  • Sets the location and operational guidelines associated with the activation and use of the warming and cooling centres.

Download the full warming and cooling centre policy (PDF)

Purchasing control

  • Regulates how the city procures goods and services
  • Ensures consistency and fairness amongst bidders during the procurement process
  • Visit our bids and tenders page for additional purchasing services

Download the full purchasing policy (PDF)


  • All Canadian local governments are required to account for all “tangible capital assets” using historical cost valuation and amortize these costs over the estimated life of each asset in accordance with PSAS 3150 as approved by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants Public Sector Accounting Standards Board. These policies establish standards on how to account for and report tangible capital assets in the City of Quinte West.

Download the full Tangible Capital Asset Policy (PDF)


  • To ensure public trust and confidence in the City’s decision-making and operations.
  • Holding high standards of those elected to serve on boards and committees
  • It is protecting and maintaining the City’s reputation and the integrity of its decision-making process. 

Download the full Code of conduct for members of council policy (PDF)

  • Provides a framework for developing and approving corporate policies and
    procedures for the City of Quinte West. The City of Quinte West will operate a standardized system of creating, recording, approving, distributing and maintaining policies and procedures.

Download the full Corporate Policy Development Policy (PDF)

  • Guides how the City ensures a respectful, tolerant, and harassment-free relationship and workplace between members of the council and the City’s officers and employees.

Download the full Council-staff relations policy bylaw (PDF) 

This policy establishes the guidelines for City Council when considering delegating some of its powers and duties to a person or body.

Download the full Delegations of Powers and Duties policy here. 

  • Provides the framework to ensure that the most suitable candidates are selected and appointed as board and committee members. 
  • Provides a guide for council members and City staff involved in the process to ensure consistency, integrity, and fairness in administering the process and includes information about how the City’s method works for those interested in applying. 

Download the full public boards and committees public appointment policy (PDF) 

Human resources

  • Applies to paid employees; including, but not limited to Members of Council, full time, part-time, and seasonal employees and assist with:
    • Recruitment, assessment and selection
    • Informing employees of supports
    • Accessible formats and communication support for employees.
    • Workplace emergency response information 
    • Documented individual accommodation plans
    • Return to work process
    • Performance management, career development and redeployment. 

Download the full Accessible employment policy (PDF) 

Download the full hiring policy (PDF)

  • The expectations of a healthy and safe workplace 
  • Who is responsible for the health and safety program

Download the full health and safety policy (PDF) 

  • Intended to limit or constrain the reasonable exercise of management functions in the workplace

Download the full harassment and sexual harassment policy (PDF) 

  • Establishing the steps required to prevent workplace violence
  • Establishing who is responsible for enforcing this policy 

Download the full workplace violence policy (PDF) 

Water + sewer

  • Provides the procedures that are followed by the water and wastewater billing clerks and finance staff to ensure prompt, efficient and courteous service to the ratepayers of the City, provides proper billing of water and wastewater rates as per the by-law fees and apply the collection procedures on a consistent manner to all ratepayers. 

Download the full water sewer service policy (PDF) 


  • Establish a framework when requests for more or less parking spaces on a particular street are made.
  • How the council determines ‘appropriate’ parking lots and spaces and ensure consistency of application.

Download the full on-street parking procedure policy (PDF)

Public works

  • The procedure of contacting property owners of work taking place on private property
  • Procedure on driveway cuts, grading and maintenance of shoulders, etc.

Download the full rehabilitation of road allowances and right-of-ways policy (PDF) 

  • To ensure that consistency in services will be maintained throughout the city and that the public will be informed through the department’s operational Policy manual of levels of use that can be expected.

Download the full road cuts operational policy (PDF) 

  • When requests to reduce or increase the speed limit on a particular street are made, they establish a framework. 

Download the full speed limit policy and procedure (PDF)

  • The priority and process for the installation of street lights within the city of Quinte West. 

Download the full street light policy (PDF) 

  • Procedure to controlling roadside vegetation; such as shrubs, bushes, small trees or long grass on rural roads

Download the full tree and brush cutting policy/procedure (PDF)

  • Details on how winter operations will be handled when clearing snow or controlling ice. 

Download the full winter control operations scheduling of operations policy (PDF)


  • Enhance the reputation and image of the City through social media to showcase different projects and programs that enhance the City and make it stand out from the crowd.
  • Increase citizens’ access to government through social media to provide real-time information to citizens on issues, programs and services, and news and events that affect them. 
  • Build relationships with citizens, partners and stakeholders by using social media regularly.
  • Provide better customer service by responding to inquiries from the public in a courteous and timely manner.
  • Create a dialogue with the public by offering the opportunity to engage in real-time
  • Manage messages by creating content that stands alongside mass media that are inaccurate or need supplemental information.
  • Provide additional communication channels in times of emergency to reach citizens quickly and effectively

Download the full social media policy + procedure (PDF)

  • This policy applies to the City of Quinte West’s corporate website,
  • The City of Quinte West’s website is a primary source of corporate information and services for citizens, staff, businesses, investors, visitors and other stakeholders.
  • It is essential that the city’s website provides stakeholders with corporate information and services that are accurate, up-to-date, visually pleasing, easy-to-read and easy-to-find.

Download the full website policy (PDF)


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