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Report damage and request trimming for city-owned trees, learn more tree care tips and yard maintenance standards.

Report damage and request trimming for City-owned trees, learn more about tree care tips and yard maintenance standards.

Trees on public property (including parks, green spaces, trails and alongside roadways) are the City’s responsibility to protect and maintain. 

Public tree services:

Report tree damage

If a tree has been damaged by a storm and poses an obstacle or risk to public safety, report it during business hours at 613-392-2841 ext 4912 or after hours at 613-392-2841, or you can report by emailing

Request tree trimming or pruning

To request routine maintenance such as trimming or pruning, contact us during business hours at 613-392-2841 ext 4912 by emailing

Yard maintenance standards:

Lawn water regulations and restrictions

Occasionally, lawn water is regulated due to hot and dry weather conditions. This period can see an increase in water consumption for outdoor use. During this time, some Quinte West areas may only be permitted to water their lawns and gardens on specific dates. These restrictions allow the City to ensure the continuous supply of water for household use and fire protection.  

Noxious + invasive weeds

To comply with our  yard maintenance bylaw, you must keep your yard free of four types of noxious weed:

  • Giant hogweed
  • Poison ivy
  • Ragweed
  • Wild parsnip

Be careful when removing these weeds. Visit the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs website for tips on identifying and getting rid of giant hogweed, poison ivy and ragweed. 

Residents planting invasive species in private gardens are increasing concerns, especially where they grow close to public green spaces. The Grow Me Instead Guide provides tips on growing species best suited to growing in our environment. 

Learn more about how the City of Quinte West controls noxious and invasive weeds here.


An encroachment agreement is a written confirmation between the City and an owner of a property that allows a structure that extends onto the City or public property to remain in place. There is a cost associated with this type of agreement. For more information, email or call 613-392-2841.


In Ontario, you need a licence to use pesticides on your lawn. Visit the Ministry of Environment’s website for more information.

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