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Due dates

For property owners that don’t submit taxes through a mortgage company, the upcoming due dates apply. If you pay through your mortgage and receive a tax bill, please forward it to your mortgage company. 

Payment type

Property type

First installment

Second installment

2024 Interim


March 27, 2024

May 29, 2024

2024 Final



Billing types

Interim bills cover taxes due for the first six months of a year, paid in two installments. Bills are mailed out in February, with payments due in March and May. Amounts are estimated on 50 percent of the previous year’s property taxes.

Final bills cover taxes due for the last six months of a year, paid in two installments. Bills are mailed out in July, with payments due in July and September. Final bills are calculated using the current year’s assessment and tax rate, less your interim bill.

If you have purchased a new home or made significant improvements to your property, make an allowance for a supplementary tax bill in your budget plans. For 12 to 18 months after occupying a newly constructed home, or until the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) can complete an assessment, property tax bills may cover the land only (and not the building). Once the property is adequately assessed, the homeowner will receive a notice from MPAC. A supplementary tax bill will follow with taxes to cover the building from the date of occupancy. If your mortgage payment includes taxes, please forward the supplementary bill to your mortgage company.

Payment methods

When paying online or by phone through your bank, we recommend paying at least three business days before the due date. Most banks can schedule payments ahead of time. 

Instructions for paying tax bills online through your financial institution: 

  1. Sign-on to your banking through your browser or smartphone app.
  2. Go to the sections for paying bills.
  3. Add Quinte West as a new payee. The description as a payee will be something similar to Quinte West Tax – the payee description can appear slightly different depending on your financial institution. Enter your roll number as your account number. 
  4. Pay your bill. 

If you have any issues, please contact the local branch of your financial institution to help you get set up.

Using this plan, you will be able to choose between the due date method or monthly payments. This plan is available to ratepayers with no outstanding taxes and no current unpaid taxes as of Dec. 31. This plan starts on Jan. 15 of the current taxation year and ends on Dec. 15 of that same taxation year. 

Click here to fill out online application form

Click here to download application form

Click here to CANCEL your pre-authorized payment plan

Click here to MODIFY your pre-authorized payment plan

Submit completed forms and void cheque:

City of Quinte West
7 Creswell Dr.
PO Box 490
Trenton, ON  K8V 5R6

To cancel a pre-authorized payment or change your banking information, please notify the City of Quinte West in writing to the address listed above a financial institution’s changes, branch, or account. If you are changing ownership or payment method and need to cancel these pre-authorized payment arrangements, you must notify within 21 days. 

During business hours, visit the customer service desk on the first floor at city hall or the Frankford Municipal Office. Cash, cheque and debit are accepted. Please bring your entire tax bill with you. 

You can also drop off your payment at any time in the secure drop box at city hall and Frankford Municipal Office entrance. Only cheques payable to the City of Quinte West are accepted. Please do not use cash. Other tips if paying by this method:

  • Write your roll number on the back of your cheques.
  • Include a payment stub from your bill 

Write your tax roll number on the back of the cheque (payable to the City of Quinte West), including the bottom payment stub from your bill and send it to:

Tax Department

City of Quinte West

7 Creswell Drive

PO Box 490

Trenton, ON  K8V 5R6

*Do not send cash. If cash in dropbox is the only option, please call us to ensure payment is received.

Tax account setup fees

New owners are billed a setup fee to change ownership of a property.

To change your mailing address, please complete the following form.

Ownerships are only processed through data we receive from MPAC.  We do not change ownership from deeds provided by lawyers or owners.

If you receive a tax bill for a property you no longer own, please return immediately, indicating who (if known) the transfer of the title has been made. Alternatively, you can direct the bills to the new owner of the property. Please note that penalty charges will still apply on late payments regardless of the change of ownership. 

In order to have the name removed, the lawyer should register a survivorship application so that it gets registered correctly.

To request a statement of account, please complete the following form.

*Please note that you must be the property owner of the home or business location for which you are requesting the statement of account. The statement can only be sent to the email address we have on file for the property owner. 

The following fees are associated with property tax services: 

Non-sufficient funds (NSF charge)$40
Tax reminder fee (per notice)$5
Statement of account for owner of the property$10
Tax certificate$55


A penalty of 1.25 percent per month will be applied to the outstanding balance on installments not received by the due date.

Assessment review board complaints

If you have made any complaints against the current year’s tax assessment, the complaints may not have been heard or processed in time for this tax bill. We will adjust the account to reflect the decision of the Assessment Review Board upon receiving official notification. 

School support

The school support indicated on the enclosed Tax Bill cannot be changed for this year. If you want to alter your support for the next year, you must notify the school board and the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

If you are unsure of your roll number and would like to find out, search for your property using our property search map

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