Asset management

Find out about the condition of the city-owned assets and how we’re planning to manage them in the future.

Asset management brings together different municipal disciplines to manage infrastructure planning. Public infrastructure such as city buildings, roads, and parks have estimated service lifespans and rehabilitation and replacement costs. Use this page to determine the condition of city-owned assets and how we plan to manage them in the future. 

Asset management plan

The City’s Asset Management Plan is based on the best available asset inventory, condition and deterioration trends, and the most recently approved capital budget and funding forecast. 

The projected performance of assets will change over time. The funding included in the plan is rehabilitation or replacement funding that excludes funding allocated to growth projects. 

Download the latest Asset Management Plan (PDF), published in December 2013. 

Asset management policy

The city has an official policy that ensures we understand the long-term consequences of managing public infrastructure.

This is accomplished by combining evidence-based analysis with professional management to: 

  • Establishes the framework that guides the City in managing its physical assets
  • Communicates expectations and goals
  • Drives long term thinking and planning
  • Supports financial stability
  • Supports evidence-based business cases for budgets and long-term forecasts. 


Download the full Asset Management Policy (PDF), last revised in 2019.

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