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Downtown parking 

The City of Quinte West has approximately 425 parking spaces in the downtown Trenton core and surrounding business area. These spaces include 148 on-street spaces, with the remainder located in five municipal-owned and maintained parking lots. Download a Trenton downtown core parking location map. 

The downtown Frankford core has approximately 71 parking spaces with 45 street parking spaces available. The remainder of the areas are located in the municipal-owned and maintained parking lot located adjacent to the Post Office and across from the Frankford Municipal Office.

Quinte West is changing its parking program

Park Here!

The City of Quinte West is changing its parking system. The City’s new “Park Here!” campaign marks the first phase of our move to a more user-friendly and innovative on-street, in lot, and permit parking program. As part of these changes, improvements to the ‘pay and display’ machines and related infrastructure will modernize the current system and provide user-friendly, cashless and digital payment options.

“Park Here!” signage and informational materials can be seen throughout the Trenton downtown core updating residents and visitors of ongoing parking program changes. Downtown in lot-and on-street parking is free while changes to the city’s parking program are underway.

Parking FAQs (Fall 2022):

No! While the city implements its new parking system, please enjoy free parking both on-street and in parking lots.

No! While the city implements its new parking system, please enjoy free parking both on-street and in parking lots.

The City is investing in new ‘pay and display’ machines and related infrastructure to modernize our parking system and provide user-friendly, cashless and digital payment options.

Credit cards, debit cards, digital  payment, and cash.

Although parking on-street and in city parking lots is free during this period, all other parking restrictions are still subject to enforcement.

Pay a parking ticket:

All fees, fines, restrictions and lengths of stay are subject to change. Please be aware of notices posted to the City’s website and posted signage or notices at meters for updates.

  • In person we accept cash, debit or cheque at the customer service counter during business hours at city hall.
  • You can drop off a cheque (payable to the City of Quinte West) at the after-hours box located outside the main entrance to City Hall and the Frankford Municipal Office. 
  • Mail a cheque (payable to the City of Quinte West) to:

Municipal Enforcement Services
City of Quinte West
7 Creswell Drive
PO Box 490
Trenton, ON  K8V 5R6

*Do not send cash.

  • A fully completed request for review application must be submitted directly to the bylaw enforcement officer within 15 days of the issued ticket.  Any requests beyond 15 days of the ticket being issued will not be considered.
  • Any application form that is not fully completed will not be considered.
  • Please ensure any supporting documentation is attached.  Only documentation attached at the time of submission will be considered.
  • Retain your ticket; do not attach your ticket to this form.
  • Completed forms can be submitted in person at Quinte West City Hall, 7 Creswell Drive, Trenton. 
  • The bylaw enforcement officer will review the request, and you will be notified of the decision within seven business days.
  • Request for an appeal of the bylaw enforcement officer’s decision must be made in writing directly to the Chief Building Official/Manager of Development Services whose decision, in consultation with the office of the CAO, is final.
  • If the ticket is not cancelled, please refer to the options available on the back of the ticket, option 1 – voluntary payment or option 2 – notice of intention to appear in court.
  • Please be advised that if the 10-day early payment option has lapsed, you will be required to pay the set fine amount.

Review of parking ticket violation application (PDF)

Q:  What happens if I just ignore the ticket issued by a Quinte West parking enforcement officer?

A:  After you get a City of Quinte West parking ticket on your windshield, you have 15 days to either pay the ticket or file it to fight it. If ten days have passed and you have not taken action, you will be sent a Notice of Impending Conviction. You will get another ten days to pay the ticket or file it.

After this deadline has passed and you still have not taken action, you will receive a Notice of Fine and Due Date, which means you have been convicted. It is now too late to fight this ticket. You must pay the ticket, and you’ll be charged an additional $16 in court fees. At this point, you must pay the parking ticket at the Provincial Offence Office, located at 235 Pinnacle St., in Belleville, ON, within the next 30 days.

After missing the above deadlines, if you decide to challenge it, you must attend the Provincial Offence Office within 15 days of the parking ticket being filed with the court to fill out a reopening application. As each case is judged on an individual basis, the Justice of the Peace may or may not reopen your claim.

If you ignore all of the above, a further $20 administrative fee will be charged if you default after conviction plus costs incurred by the courts if enforcement action is required, such as a collection agency. You will be given three options:

  1. Pay off the fine;
  2. Fill out a reopening application;
  3. Don’t pay the fine until you need to get your sticker renewed. You will have to pay off any outstanding Quinte West parking tickets when it comes to replacing your sticker. If you choose not to get the sticker (and subsequently, not pay your parking ticket fines and penalties), any amount owing will be forwarded to collections, which hurts your credit rating. 

 Q:  What is the procedure if I decide to file the City of Quinte West parking ticket on my own?

A:  If you decide to file a City of Quinte West parking ticket on your own, fill out the back of the parking ticket containing your contact information and intention to either pay the parking ticket or challenge the Quinte West parking enforcement officer’s evidence.  This can either be done by mail or in person at the Quinte West City Hall.

 Q:  How long do I have to wait for my court date after my Quinte West parking ticket is filed?

A:  Your court date will occur anywhere from six to eight months after your parking ticket is filed in Quinte West. In some cases, it could even take a year. Let the parking office know if your address has changed, as they will be mailing you your trial date.

Q:  What if I changed my mind and want to pay for the Quinte West parking ticket instead of challenging it?

A:  You have up until the day before your trial to return to the parking office and pay your fines without going to court. 

Q:  What happens if I miss my Quinte West parking ticket court date?

A:  If you missed your Quinte West parking ticket court date, then you will be convicted and charged an additional $5 plus victim service charge on top of your existing parking ticket fees and fines. 

Q: What happens if I cannot attend my Quinte West parking ticket court date?

A:  You have up to 10 days before your trial to file a motion and change the court date. This can be done at the Provincial Offence Office, located at 235 Pinnacle St., Belleville, ON.  You can also send an agent or representative to attend for you (he or she must be over 16).

 Q:  Do Quinte West parking tickets affect your insurance?

A:  Quinte West parking tickets never affect your insurance.

Q:  What if the parking enforcement officer doesn’t put the parking ticket on my windshield? Does it still count?

A:  If you drive away before the officer puts the ticket on your windshield, the ticket will be mailed to you as a Notice of Impending Conviction. The Quinte West parking enforcement officer takes note of your license plates before he writes the ticket.

Q:  Who, ultimately, has the final say over the fate of my Quinte West parking ticket?

A:  The only person who can reduce your Quinte West parking ticket, cancel it or decide if you have to pay it is the Justice of the Peace in your court case. Not the parking enforcement officer, not the parking tag office staff

Monthly parking permits

Monthly parking permits are available for purchase for the Balsam and Front municipal parking lots.

  • The use of any assigned parking lot shall be at the permit holder’s risk.
  • The City of Quinte West shall not be responsible for personal injuries or liability for loss resulting from fire, theft, or damage to any vehicle or article left therein.
  • Only one permit shall be issued per payment.
  • The City of Quinte West will accept payments made in cash, debit, or cheque.
  • Parking permits shall be displayed at all times,
  • The City of Quinte West shall receive payment before the permit expiry date, and if not paid, space will be considered vacated.
  • Any vehicle parked with an expired permit, an improperly displayed permit, or no permit displayed will be ticketed.
  • The City of Quinte West or the applicant reserves the right to cancel the permit with 30 days notice.
  • The application is only valid for space or location stipulated above.
  • The permit holder has not reassigned the parking permit to any other person without the proper written consent from the City of Quinte West.

We accept cheques (made payable to the City of Quinte West), cash or debit. Payments must be made at the customer service counter located on the second floor of city hall, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Municipal parking – monthly parking permitsFees
Front Street Lot$ 58
Balsam Street Lot$ 58

Other parking restrictions

The City of Quinte West honours the veteran poppy plate for free parking at municipal parking lots and metered spaces within the City boundaries. For more information visit the Legion website.

Non-profit organizations located in the downtown Trenton core may be eligible to receive up to 10 volunteer parking permits for their volunteers’ use at select municipal-owned and maintained lots. If approved, only one permit can be used per lot during a shift. Parking permits are only valid for the calendar year in which it was issued, and applications must be submitted for each volunteer pass required. Parking passes must be displayed at all times when parked in approved lots.

Apply for a volunteer parking permit (PDF)

There are no parking meters on City streets except in the Trenton downtown core. Street parking is available in residential areas subject to restrictions regulated by bylaw. Areas with parking restrictions are signed.

To ensure snow clearing operations can be completed effectively and efficiently, winter parking and overnight parking restrictions are in effect from Dec. 1 to March 31. To avoid receiving a parking ticket with a minimum fine of $75 and/or having your vehicle towed, please know when parking restrictions are in effect. Parking is prohibited on all city streets, roads, and municipal lots between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. during this time.

Parking spaces designated with a wheelchair symbol are reserved for persons with a registered accessible parking permit. The Accessible Parking Permit (APP) is issued to an individual or company. It entitles the vehicle in which it is displayed to be parked in a designated accessible parking space. For a permit issued to an individual, the person to whom the permit is issued must be transported in the vehicle. The permit must be visibly displayed on the dashboard or sun visor when parked in a designated parking space.  Individual permit holders may use the permit in any vehicle in which they are travelling.

Designated accessible parking spaces are located throughout the City – on the street, municipal lots, and various private locations.  Accessible parking spaces are identifiable by using the wheelchair symbol painted on the asphalt and posted signs.  All accessible spaces are marked.

The set fine for parking in an accessible space without the proper permits or the permit adequately displayed is a minimum of $300.

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