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Site plan control is required for most development projects. Learn more about the site plan process, including application, guidelines and applicable fees.

Site plan control is a development approval process that establishes design and technical aspects and helps ensure developments are constructed in a way that is aligned with the city’s responsibility to provide services, plan for public safety and guide our community towards growth and prosperity. Site plan approval is regulated by section 41 of the Ontario Planning Act. Council for the City of Quinte West has designed the entire city as a “site plan control area.”

The responsibility for site plan approvals within the City of Quinte West as delegated by city council, through the site plan control bylaw,  to a committee of staff comprised of staff composed of the director of planning and development, director of public works, fire chief and chief building official or their respective designates. 

Site plan approval is an essential component of the development review process. It is intended to implement the objectives of the Official Plan and reduce negative impacts on adjacent land uses. If you have a development project, you must become familiar with the site planning process and contact the city early to coordinate the review process and avoid delays.

Site plan applications are generally reviewed for the following considerations:

Application process:

  1. Pre-consultation with planning staff before submitting your site plan control application is recommended. 
  2. Please contact to book an appointment to present the details of your proposal. The application may be returned if incomplete or if no pre-consultation has occurred. Pre-consultation will allow planning staff to review the proposal and provide information about further design aspects that may be required. 
  3. Complete a site plan control application
  4. For additional information or to apply, call 613-392-2841, ext. 4907 or email

See below for current City of Quinte West application fees. All fees must accompany applications at the time they are submitted. Planning applications that are deemed to be fully complete will be scheduled for the next available meeting within the timelines set out in the Ontario Planning Act. Dates are subject o change.


Application type


Application with Registered Agreement 


Application with Agreement (Not registered, as determined by Staff)


Application to Amend Existing Site Plan Control Agreement


Trust Deposit


Meeting dates:

Site plan control committee meetings are held monthly on the first Thursday of each month at 2 p.m. Special committee meetings are held at the call of the Chair as required.


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