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Say your vows this Valentine’s Day

The City of Quinte West is offering civil marriage ceremonies for couples looking to make Valentine’s Day their special day!

Where: Quinte West City Hall Council Chambers, 7 Creswell Dr., Trenton
When: Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2024; appointments are booked in 45-minute increments between 9 a.m. and 3:45 p.m.
Cost: Special Valentine’s Day civil ceremony fee of $350 (regular fee is $450); a valid marriage licence ($160) is also required

Couples interested in a simple, dignified ceremony to exchange vows can contact the Clerk’s Office at or 613-392-2841 ext. 4540 for more information and to reserve their spot.

Limited appointments are available. Participants must have a valid marriage licence issued by Feb. 9, 2024. 

 Marriage licences

We issue licences for people getting married in Ontario. A licence is valid anywhere in the province for 90 days. Visit the Ontario government’s website for full marriage regulations and to order your marriage certificate.

PLEASE NOTE: Marriage licences are issued by appointment only. Please read the information on how to apply below.

  1. Complete the online marriage licence application. Both applicants must complete the application.
  2. You should receive a confirmation email. You can expect a response from City staff within three (3) business days to schedule an appointment. 
  3. Once an appointment has been confirmed, bring all necessary documents for both parties to city hall on the day of your appointment. Only one person is required to be in attendance for the issuing of the licence.
  4. Licences are issued in person at the customer service counter, second floor at city hall. It will take 10 to 15 minutes to issue your licence.
  5. The fee is $160. We accept cash or debit.

Two pieces of government-issued identification must be provided for both individuals. Expired or photocopied identification is not acceptable.

  1. Original government-issued birth certificate, including any change of name certificates (a baptismal certificate is not acceptable) or a valid passport.
  2. In addition to the birth certificate or passport, the second piece of government-issued photo ID, such as:
  • Valid driver’s licence
  • Valid passport
  • Record of immigrant landing
  • Valid Ontario photo card
  • Canadian citizenship card

A certified translator must translate documents in a language other than English or French.

If a previous marriage was dissolved or annulled in Canada, the original or court-certified copy (not photocopies) of the certificate of divorce, the final decree, or the final judgement must be presented with the completed application.

If a divorce was granted outside of Canada, you will need to provide certain documents to prove that you are no longer married. The Ontario government needs to validate these documents, which could take four weeks or longer to complete. If this is the case, you will need to send the following documents to Service Ontario. 

  • Completed and signed marriage licence application form
  • Statement of sole responsibility for each divorce (signed by both people who are planning to get married and a witness)
  • A legal opinion letter from an Ontario lawyer addressed both people who plan to get married, giving reasons why the divorce or annulment should be recognized in Ontario. A sample legal opinion letter can be obtained from the Registrar General’s Office by calling 1-807-343-7492 or toll-free in Ontario at 1-800-461-2156. A sample letter will be faxed to your lawyer upon the lawyer’s request.
  • An original or court-certified copy of a divorce decree or annulment in English or French. If the decree is in another language, you will need to include a translated copy and an affidavit sworn by a certified translator. 

Please mail these documents directly to:

Service Ontario
Marriage Office
PO Box 4600
189 Red River Road
Thunder Bay ON  P7B 6L8

You need to be at least 16 years old to get married in Ontario.

Applicants under 18 years old need written consent from both parents. Consent forms are available from the city clerk’s office.

If you are a widow or widower, proof of your former spouse’s death is not required. 

For more information or questions, contact 613-392-2841 or email

Civil ceremonies 

Civil marriage ceremonies are for couples looking for a simple, dignified option to exchange marriage vows.  Civil ceremonies can be booked and performed by the City Clerk or the Deputy City Clerk.  Ceremonies are conducted at Quinte West City Hall within the Council Chambers.  Pre-booking is required.  The fee for a civil marriage ceremony is $450, to be paid by cash or debit. Ceremonies are available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., subject to staff and room availability.

Booking a ceremony

To book a civil wedding ceremony, please email or call Legislative Services at 613-392-2841 to inquire about your preferred date and time. 

Once you have reserved your preferred date and time, you must complete a Civil Ceremony Wedding Agreement and submit payment in full.  The reserved date will not be confirmed until payment has been received.  

Once a civil ceremony has been booked, an Officiate will reach out to schedule a required pre-ceremony consultation.  At the pre-ceremony consultation, we will go over all necessary arrangements for your special day, including ceremony scripts, vows and other custom elements.  Two witnesses are required.  Please note that witnesses must be over the age of 16.  If you are not able to provide your own witnesses, the City can provide witnesses for a fee of $25 per witness.  

We will not formalize the marriage of any person if:

  • One or both parties are under physical or mental duress
  • One or both parties fail to meet the age requirements
  • The parties are related as grandparent, parent, child, grandchild, brother or sister
  • One or both parties are currently married
  • One or both parties are under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs and incapable of understanding the nature of the marriage contract and duties, obligations and responsibilities of marriage

Civil ceremony frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes. Up to 10 guests plus the wedding party (the wedding couple plus two witnesses) may attend.

The cost of a civil marriage ceremony is $450. The cost of the ceremony does not include the marriage licence. A separate fee of $160 will be charged for the marriage licence.

Civil ceremonies are offered in the Council Chambers of Quinte West City Hall.

This service is booked in 45-minute increments. The ceremony takes approximately 20 minutes depending on the vows chosen. Service time booked allows for photo opportunities.

Items such as a bouquet of flowers or a corsage are allowed. Confetti, rice, bubbles, candles, and related items are not permitted.

Yes. Pictures and videos may be taken provided they do not disrupt the ceremony. A photographer and videographer is not provided.

Yes. Please provide the completed licence and valid photo identification with the Clerk’s Office to verify your marriage licence prior to your ceremony. 

Yes. All you require is a valid Ontario marriage licence. If you obtained a marriage licence from another municipality, please provide the completed licence and valid photo identification to the Clerk’s Office when booking your civil ceremony.

Commissioner of oaths

The Commissioner for taking Affidavits Act allows certain city employees to take declarations and administer oaths. This is not the same as a notary public. A commissioner only has the authority to administer oaths and take affidavits. 

For more information about the commissioner of oath and notary public, visit the Ministry of Attorney General website. 

See below for the current City of Quinte West fees for administering Oaths / Affidavits / Declarations. We accept cash or debit. 

Application typeFees
Administering Oaths/Affidavits/Declarations (Residents)$25
Administering Oaths/Affidavits/Declarations (Non-Residents)$25
Administering Oaths/Affidavits/Declarations for Pension/Government Documents for ResidentsNo Charge

For us to commission a document, you must:

  • Bring two-piece of current government-issued photo identification with a signature on it.
  • Sign documents in the presence of the commissioner.
  • Understand that the commissioner has the right to refuse commissioning services of any document upon meeting their specification.
  • Amendment to Birth/Death/Marriage Certificate
  • Delayed statement of live birth
  • Immunization exemption forms
  • Domestic and foreign pension documents, verification/proof of life
  • A statutory declaration by a person of change of sex designation
  • Canadian citizenship form(s)
  • Statutory declaration of lost identification must include the police report number.
  • Sworn statement for the transfer of a used motor vehicle in the province of Ontario
  • Statements for statutory declaration for Ontario Students Assistance Program (OSAP) of common-law status and supporting children 
  • Affidavit of unregistered vehicles such as boards, motorcycles, snowmobiles, trailers, etc.
  • Specific City departmental applications (i.e. Planning)
  • Notary public documents
  • Estate settlement documents, wills, certificate of appointment of estate trustee without a will
  • Divorce, separation, marriage or cohabitation agreements
  • Litigation guardian affidavit
  • Power of attorney
  • Custody document
  • Documents involving debts such as bankruptcy
  • Real estate-related documents
  • Court, legal or civil issue related documents
  • Statement of arrears
  • Ontario mortgage corporation documents

If you are unsure as to whether the City can commission a particular document, please give us a call at 613-392-2841 or scan and email the document to Unfortunately, we cannot make a final determination about whether we are able to commission a specific document until we’ve seen it in person. 

Please note that we are unable to commission any documents related to COVID-19 vaccination. 

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