Official Plan review

Learn more about the Official Plan review process and how we’re planning for the future of Quinte West

The City of Quinte West’s Official Plan was adopted at the Feb. 22, 2023, City Council meeting.

The new Official Plan includes updated policies to help shape the future of Quinte West, including: 

  • Urban boundary expansions to accommodate 1312 residential units in the west side of Trenton, 200 residential units in Frankford and 80 residential units in South Sidney to meet the housing need for future population growth. 
  • An increase in the intensification target from 10% to 20% and a minimum density requirement of 25 units per hectare. Intensification allows for more homes and businesses within an existing built-up area. Density refers to the number of dwelling units, such as houses, condos and apartments, that could be located on a particular area of land without needing to increase the amount of developed land. Increased intensification and density allow development in existing communities without developing more land.
  • Changes to accommodate additional dwelling units. Additional dwelling units (ADUs) are self-contained residential units, such as secondary suites, in-law suites and basement apartments. More ADUs help increase housing supply. 
  • A commercial/residential district on Dundas Street West to increase housing availability. 
  • The development of a Natural Heritage System. A Natural Heritage System (NHS) is made up of wetlands, woodlands, bodies of water, wildlife habitats and other connected environmental areas. An NHS helps protect the environment while planning for future growth and includes considerations such as flooding, air quality, pollination, recreation opportunities and human health.
  • New policies to guide cannabis related land use.
  • The removal of policies that previously restricted the locations of methadone clinics and pharmacies to improve access to important healthcare services. 
  • New energy and climate change policies to encourage renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy projects. 

Quinte West Council adopted the Official Plan at the Feb. 22, 2023, meeting of council. The Official Plan update will then be forwarded to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for review. The updated Official Plan will come into effect upon Ministry approval.

The City of Quinte West Official Plan (2013) outlines the goals, objectives and policies on how land in the community should be used. We recently reviewed our Official Plan to ensure it meets the needs of our community.

Our Official Plan is the foundation for building a good community. It reflects our long-term vision and shared values to help guide decisions on land development, housing, economic growth and more. The City of Quinte West Official Plan (2013) includes policies that guide things like: 

  • Where new houses, industries, offices and stores can go
  • Where new roads, water mains, sewers, parks, schools and other services are needed
  • Where and when parts of the city will grow  
  • How to meet current and future needs while balancing social, economic and environmental interests
  • How to develop healthy, livable communities
  • How to evaluate and settle conflicting land uses

The Plan is prepared with input from the community and policies that are consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement

Learn more about the Official Plan 

The Official Plan has an impact on everyone who lives or works in Quinte West. It outlines what you can do with your property, how the City plans to protect the natural environment, opportunities to expand or welcome new industries and employers, and more. 

The development of the Official Plan and the review process also give you the opportunity to have your say on the planning decisions that are important to you and have an impact on your neighbourhood, community and city as a whole.

About the Official Plan review

Under the Planning Act, a municipality must review and update its Official Plan within 10 years of it coming into effect, and at least once every five years after that. This was the City’s 10-year review. 

The review process: 

  • Positions the city for future growth 
  • Includes new provincial legislation and regulations 
  • Considers new policy initiatives and plans, such as additional dwelling units and natural heritage systems
  • Includes a community engagement process 

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