Mount Evergreen Cemetery

A peaceful and park-like cemetery located at 61 Stockdale Road. This cemetery is the city-owned active cemetery. Find fees and memorial options here.

Mount Evergreen Cemetery is located at 61 Stockdale Rd. and is a city-owned active cemetery that offers traditional and cremation lots. 

Our professional staff are here to talk through options to memorialize your loved one. While we have general info on this page, it’s best to contact the caretaker for full details.  We’re available by emailing at 613-392-2841 ext. 4422, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Our office is located at the city hall. We accept cash, cheque and debit for cemetery services. 

The cemetery closes to all interments effective Dec.  1 for the winter months and will re-open in the spring pending ground conditions.

The Mount Evergreen Cemetery Board is pleased to offer an additional option with regard to burial of cremated remains. 

The 24 unit columbarium has been installed at the North East corner of the cemetery. The unit is nestled in the pine trees, offering a peaceful and tranquil environment. The columbarium is constructed of an Ontario Mahogany Granite. Each niche will hold two standard sized urns. The price as reflected on the 2023 Price List includes the cost of the niche, perpetual care, taxes, and engraving of the shutter door. 

Should you have any questions, please contact the Caretaker, Virginia LaTour at 613- 392-2841 ext. 4422.

Please note that the Alpha Niche Wall is completely sold.

Beta unit – niche wall
 Niche 1Niche 2Niche 3Niche 4Niche 5Niche 6 
Row E



Row H      Row H

A notice of 48 hours is required for any interment at Mount Evergreen Cemetery. To book an interment, please email the caretaker at or call 613-392-2841, ext. 4422. Please note that burials are not performed on Sundays or public holidays. 

Please note that all interments will cease beginning Dec. 1 for the winter months and re-open in the spring pending ground conditions. Roads within the cemetery will be plowed and sanded for families to visit loved ones; however, use caution as these roads are not assumed by the municipality. 

Cemetery rates

All prices listed below include HST and must be paid before interment. 
Plot + niche rates (pre-paid)Fee
Adult plot$   847.50
Cremation plot (2 urns)$   565
Child plot$   610.20
Infant plot $   474.60
Single niche (holds two urns)$ 2090.50
Open / close rates Fee
Full burial$   847.50
Cremated remains$   508.50
Infant plot$   508.50
Niche$   395.50
Miscellaneous ratesFee
Vault storage$   237.30
Niche wall engravingIncluded in fee

Mount Evergreen Cemetery bylaws

To maintain Mount Evergreen Cemetery in a peaceful and park-like condition while serving the community’s burial needs. To work with the local burial and memorial dealer sector to ensure that all by-laws are observed and heed the lot and plot owners to ensure their wishes can be realized while ensuring decisions are in keeping with the long term goals of the Cemetery.

Mount Evergreen Cemetery is located on Lot 4, Concession 2, formerly the Township of Murray, now the City of Quinte West. 

The Mount Evergreen Cemetery Board of Trustees, in the discharge of its responsibilities, appeal to the lot and plot owners and the public, in general, to aid the Board by following these by-laws, which have been adopted for the improvement and upkeep of the cemetery, to keep it a becoming and respectful place for the burial of the dead. Mount Evergreen Cemetery is licensed to act as a cemetery in accordance with the Funeral Burial and Cremation Services Act,2002.

1.1 Definitions:

“cemetery” means Mount Evergreen Cemetery, located in the former Township of Murray, now the City of Quinte West, on Lot 4, Concession 2; 

“FBCSA” means The Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act,2002 

“board” means the Cemetery Board for Mount Evergreen Cemetery; 

“columbarium” means a structure designed for the interment of cremated human remains in sealed compartments; 

“interment rights” is the right to require or direct the interment of human remains in any lot; 

“interment rights holder” means a person with interment rights with respect to a lot and includes a purchaser of interment rights under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act; 

“lot” means an area of land containing or set aside to contain human remains and includes a niche in a columbarium; 

“marker” means any monument, tombstone, headstone, or other ornament affixed to any lot, niche or other structure intended for the memorialization or deposit of human remains; 

“coordinator means the Deputy City Clerk for the City of Quinte West, who will oversee the activities of the cemetery; 

“plot” means two or more lots in which the rights to inter have been sold as a unit; “price list” means the price list as established by the Board. 

1.2 Duties:

The Coordinator of the cemetery, or designate, shall perform the duties set out in Section 1.3 through 1.7.

1.3 Applicable Law

Observe and carry out all the By-law and the FBSGA provisions and the regulations made thereunder.

1.4 Graves – Niches

Mark all graves, ensure the opening and closing of all lots and niches in the cemetery. Complete all sales for lots and niches, and be available to the public to provide customer services. 

1.5 Funerals

Be readily available at all funerals held in the cemetery and ensure graves are filled after interment services. 

1.6 Vault

Arrange and attend any request for vault storage.

1.7 Maintenance

Ensure completion of regular and proper maintenance of the cemetery.

2.1 Entry – Limitations

No person shall enter the cemetery except through an established gate, nor shall they enter or be within the cemetery after 7 pm and before 6 am October 1-March 31, or after 9 pm and before 6 am April 1 – September 30. Police constables and authorized cemetery staff are exempt.

2.2 Adult Supervision 

People over the age of 12 years are considered adults. Children attended by an adult responsible for their conduct or children with cemetery office approval only may enter the cemetery. 

2.3 Bicycles – Restricted 

Bicycles shall be permitted only on cemetery roads. 

2.4 ATV, Snowmobiles – Restrict 

No pleasure all-terrain vehicles (ATV) or snowmobiles are allowed in the cemetery. 

2.5 Animals – Restricted 

No person shall permit any animal, including dogs, to enter or remain in the cemetery. Leader dogs are exempted. 

2.6 Alcoholic Beverages – Prohibited 

No person shall bring any alcoholic beverage upon cemetery property. 

2.7 Hunting – Prohibited 

Hunting is prohibited on cemetery property. 

2.8 Damage 

No person shall: 

  1. a) damage any marker or structure within the cemetery; 
  2. b) damage any tree, shrub, plant or flowers (be they private or public property) within the limits of the cemetery; 
  3. c) damage any fence, railing, or gate used for the protection of the cemetery; 
  4. d) play any game of sport or exercise on the grass on cemetery property; 
  5. e) discharge any firearms (save at a military funeral); 
  6. f) disturb any person or persons assembled for the interment of any other person; g) create a nuisance in the cemetery. 

2.9 Debris 

No person shall deposit rubbish on the grounds of the cemetery except in the receptacles provided.

2.10 Coordinator – Direction – Control 

All workers in any capac¡ty within the cemetery, whether as masons, carvers, stonecutters, monument contractors, vault dealers, or helpers, are subject to the direction and control of the Coordinator or designate. No work may be performed on lots by the interment Rights Holder. 

2.11 Vehicular Traffic – Restrictions 

The Coordinator, or designate, may restrict vehicular access to the cemetery when the roads are soft or otherwise impassable. 

2.12 Vehicular Traffic – Speed Limit 

No person driving a vehicle shall: 

  1. a) leave the travelled portion of the road; or 
  2. b) exceed a speed of 20 km/h 

2.13 Staff Requirements 

Only authorized cemetery staff may perform the following services within the cemetery: 

  • All interments, inurement and marking of graves. 
  • All grounds maintenance including but not limited to tree trimming and grave maintenance. 

2.14 Encroachment 

Without written consent from the Board, no person shall encroach upon or take possession of the cemetery or part thereof by any means whatsoever, including but not limited to: 

  1. a) the construction, installation or maintenance of any fence or structure; 
  2. b) the planting, installation or maintenance of any plant, plant material, shrub, tree or garden; 
  3. c) leave, deposit, store or dump any waste or plant material of any kind whatsoever; 
  4. d) store, maintain, repair or construct a vehicle of any description, trailer, building, structure, fence or playground equipment in any cemetery; 
  5. e) remove, destroy, or construct any new pavement, sidewalk, crosswalk, trail, grass plot or roadway, or any part thereof without the board’s written consent.

3.1 lnterment Rights and Cemetery Services 

All charges for interment rights and cemetery services sold are due in full immediately. 

3.2 Cancellation of lnterment Rights within 30 Day Cooling-Off Period 

A purchaser has the right to cancel an interment contract within thirty (3) days of signing the interment rights contract by providing written notice of the cancellation to the cemetery coordinator or designate. The Coordinator, or designate, will refund all monies paid by the purchaser within thirty (30) days from the cancellation request date.

3.3 Cancellation of lnterment Rights after the 30 Day Cooling-Off Period 

Upon receiving written notice from the purchaser of the interment rights, the Coordinator, or designate, will cancel the contract and issue a refund to the purchaser for the amount paid for the interment rights less the appropriate amount required deposited into the Care and Maintenance Fund. This refund will be made within thirty (30) days of receiving said notice. lf the interment rights certificate has been issued to the interment rights-holder(s), the certificate must be returned to the Coordinator or designate, along with the written notice of cancellation. 

If any portion of the interment rights has been exercised, the purchaser or the interment rights-holder(s) are not entitled to cancel the contract or re-sell the interment rights. 

3.4 lnterments Sold ln Advance 

lnterments sold in advance of need shall be deemed to cover all costs incurred with a standard grave opening. Any unforeseen costs shall be an additional charge levied to the lnterment Rights Holder or their representative. 

3.5 Price List 

The purchase price of lots and niches (otherwise known as interment rights) shall be set forth in the Price List as prescribed by the Board from time to time and shall set aside the following percentages for care and maintenance:

  1. a) ln Ground Grave 24 square feet or larger – 40o/o or $250, whichever is greater 
  2. b) ln Ground Grave smaller than 24 square feet – 40% or $’150, whichever is greater 
  3. c) Niche – 15% or $100, whichever is greater. 

3.6 Payments – Treasury Department 

All payments shall be made payable to the City of Quinte West or The Mount Evergreen Cemetery. 

3.7 Payment – Certificate of lnterment Rights 

No Certificate of lnterment Rights is valid until payment has been received in full. 

3.8 Purchase – Limitations 

No person, group or organization shall be entitled to hold the interment rights for more than 30 unused grave spaces in the cemetery. Those individuals listed as the lnterment Rights Holders through such organizations will have exclusive lnterment Rights for the entire plot. Regular updates of those lnterment Rights Holders filed with the cemetery office are mandatory to maintain these plots’ proper order.

4.1 Resale of lnterment Rights Prohibited 

The re-sale of interment rights to any party other than to the cemetery is strictly prohibited. lnterment rights will be repurchased from the lnterment Rights Holder under the terms and conditions of The Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002. 

4.2 Transfer 

lnterment rights may be transferred to another party. No transfer of any interment rights or any interest therein shall be binding upon the Board until notice is given in writing to the Coordinator or designate, specifying the name and address of the proposed transferee and date of transfer. Any transfer will be recorded in the cemetery records.

ln cases of transmission of ownership by Will or Bequest of lnterment Rights, the Board reserves the right to require the production of a notarized copy of the will or other evidence sufficient to prove ownership.

5.1 BurialPermit – Cremation Certificate Required 

No interment shall occur without a Burial Permit or a Cremation Certificate as is applicable, nor until the person making an arrangement for the interment has complied with all laws, rules and regulations relative to burials. Persons contracting for interment rights and/or making arrangements for burials shall be responsible for all charges incurred. 

5.2 lnterments – Conditions Precedent 

All interments are performed by cemetery staff. The Coordinator, or designate, shall not make any interment or inurnment on any grave or in any niche unless and until the person/persons ordering the same shall first exhibit: 

  1. a) a signed contract respecting the purchase of the interment right or niche and the authorization to proceed with the interment or inurnment (as is the case); or 
  2. b) a Certificate of lnterment Rights indicating the party is the rightful owner of the interment rights upon which the interment activity is requested; 
  3. c) ln those circumstances where the party requesting the interment activity is unable to provide evidence of ownership, the Coordinator may require the party to have their solicitor complete a “Letter of Permission “stating on the solicitor’s letterhead that the appropriate searches have been completed and assuring clear title to the lot. 

5.3 Grave Opening – Notice 

Under normal circumstances when the opening of a grave is required, not less than 48 working hours of notice of such requirement shall be given to the Coordinator by the owner or owner’s agent of the interment right upon which the grave is to be opened. For the purposes of this section, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays shall not be considered working hours. 

5.4 Funerals – Conditions 

All funerals within the said cemetery shall be under the jurisdiction of the Coordinator or designate. No funeral service shall be held, and no interment shall be made in the cemetery on Public Holidays or Sunday, except pursuant to an Order of the Medical Officer of Health. 

5.5 Location of Graves – Errors

The Board shall not assume any responsibility for errors in graves’ location when improper instructions have been given by the interment rights holder or designate. All costs resulting from improper instructions received will be charged to the consumer who signed the service contract. 

The Board reserves the right, at its cost, to correct any error that may be made by it in making interments, in the description of the lot or the transfer or conveyance of any interment rights. The Board may either cancel such grant and substitute other interment rights, or a lot of equal value and similar location, as far as is reasonably possible, or refund all money paid on account for such purchase.

5.6 Multiple lnterments – Limitations

A maximum of six (6) cremation burials are permitted in any full grave where no casket burials will take place. One (1) casket may be buried with an additional five (5) cremation burials on any full grave. A maximum of two (2) cremation burials are permitted on any flush marker cremation grave. Double-depth burials are not permitted. 

5.7 lnterment Equipment

No interment equipment except that provided by the Board shall be used, except as noted in Section 5.9 below. 

5.8 Elevated Mounds – Prohibited 

No elevated mounds shall be built over graves, and no lot shall be filled above the grade established for the cemetery except temporarily for maintenance reasons by the cemetery staff. 

5.9 Burial Vaults – installation

When burial vaults are used, they shall be installed by the supplier who shall use their equipment. The supplier shall be responsible for any damage to the grounds or casket caused due to the supplier’s equipment or operator error. 

5.10 Soft Ground – Alternative Arrangements

At times when the ground in the cemetery is soft from spring thaws, rain or other cause or where personal safety is at risk, a mock graveside setup will be used instead of at the gravesite. 

5.11 Temporary Storage – Limitations 

Temporary storage may be made in the Mt. Evergreen Vault. Charges shall be as outlined in the Price List. Lot owners are not subject to vault storage fees.

6.1 Approval 

No disinterment of human remains shall take place without the written approval of the Internment Rights Holder and notification of The Medical Officer of Health as required by law. 

6.2 Approval – Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act 2002 

All other requirements under The Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 and appropriate regulations must be met in order for a disinterment to proceed. 

6.3 Conditions 

Disruption shall be made only when conditions are suitable to guarantee that a safe removal can occur except as ordered by the Coroner’s Office. 

6.4 Outer Case – Provision of Same

lf the burial was made in other than a permanent type outer case. The requesting party must supply a new outer case.

7.1 Definition of Lot Decorations 

Lot decorations shall be deemed to include all ornaments/figurines, plants, or other embellishments, which are placed on cemetery lots with the intention of improving their appearance. No lot of decorations permitted by this By-law shall be placed on a lot if outstanding fees are unpaid. The Board is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

7.2 Lot Decoration Rules (May 1st to October 31st) 

The Board recognizes that there is significant value to the interment rights holders in decorating cemetery lots. At the same time, the Board has an obligation to provide a safe and visually pleasing environment. ln the interest of these objectives, it is imperative that the following rules be followed: 

  1. a) Lot decorations for one interment rights holder must not infringe on the property of another interment rights holder. 
  2. b) Candles and Solar Lights (Plastic Containers-No glass or ceramics) 

Enclosed candles or solar lights, and which are securely placed, will be allowed in any combination to a maximum of three in total. lnterment Rights Holders may have candle/solar light on either side of the monument and in line with the monument row. As an alternative, lnterment Rights Holders may have any combination of candles and/or solar lights up to a maximum of three in total in front of the monument and securely placed in the 36 cm (14″)garden area. No open candles will be permitted. Candles or solar lights will only be allowed in the upright monument sections. 

Candles and/or Solar Lights are allowed to be displayed on shepherd hooks. Candles or solar lights must not exceed the height of the monument. For monuments less than 61 cm (2′) in height, candles or solar lights are allowed to be a maximum height of 61 cm (2′). 

  1. c) Artificial Wreaths 

Artificial and/or silk flower arrangements/wreaths, attached to a stand or monument, may be placed and remain on gravesites from the Èriday before Thanksgiving to May 1’t of the following year. All items not conforming to lot decoration rules, which remain after May 1″‘, will be removed by cemetery staff and will be placed in a recovery area, visible to the public, and will remain in the area until July 1″, after which such items will be discarded. 

  1. d) Saddle Wreaths 

Saddle wreaths must follow the season. All saddle wreaths that become unsightly will be removed by cemetery staff. No Christmas saddle wreaths will be allowed during the summer months. No wreaths, other than saddle wreaths, will be allowed to be fastened to a monument after May 1″.

  1. e) Bushes, Shrubs and OrnamentalTrees 

Ornamental or dwarf trees, shrubs and plantings on gravesites are not permitted. Interment Rights Holders shall maintain all grandfathered shrubs on gravesites. Such maintenance includes pruning to limit height to four (4) feet and laterally to within the boundaries of the Rights Holder’s lot. Failure to meet these criteria will result in the removal of the shrub, bush or ornamental tree.

Only miniature rose bushes are allowed to be planted within a prescribed garden area.

  1. f) Borders/Edqinq 

Border or edging made of rubberized plastic, treated wood or pre-formed concrete, no thicker than two inches, will be allowed only if installed properly and totally flush to the soil. Raised scalloped concrete borders are not allowed. Borders/edging must be installed within the 36cm (14″) permitted for the flowerbed. Flowerbeds cannot exceed the width of the memorial. 

lnterment Rights Holders are responsible to ensure that all flower bed borders are completely flush to the surrounding ground. lf interment rights holders are unable to keep borders flush within one-month notice borders may be removed by cemetery staff. 

  1. g) Wood Crosses 

Wooden crosses will be allowed as temporary markers on any unmarked graves for one year from burial time. Time extensions may be considered after one year on a case by case basis. The interment right holder will be responsible for the removal of the cross. Cemetery staff will remove the cross after the allowable time if the holder has not undertaken this. Crosses are to be constructed of wood only. The interment rights holder must properly maintain all crosses. 

  1. h) Monuments 

Monuments must be made of granite. Upright monuments may have attachments made of granite or bronze. Porcelain portraits are permitted. 

  1. i) Shepherd’s Hooks A maximum of (2) shepherd hooks for the hanging of contents will be permitted within the 35.4 cm (14″) flowerbed provided that the hooks are not greater than the height of the monument. 
  2. j) Figurines 

Figurines are defined as any type of allowable lot decoration within the 36 cm (14″) garden area of upright monuments. Figurines cannot be made of glass or ceramics. Figurines are only allowed with upright monuments. Stone mulch is not allowed for safety reasons. 

  1. k) Potted Plants 

A maximum of 2 potted plants (a maximum pot size of 25 cm (10″) in height and width) within the 36 cm (14″) garden area once the foundation has been completed. Pots must not be made of breakable materials (e.g. glass, clay. With a flat marker, 1 maximum 25 cm (10″) potted plant may be placed on the monument. Cemetery staff will remove any unsightly plants. 

  1. l) Photographs Only those reproductions of photographic images, which are an integral part of the memorial, are permitted. Approved methods include sandblasting and/or etching. Non-breakable photo attachments are also permitted on the front of any upright marker. 
  2. m) Damage Limitations of Liability 

The Board shall not be responsible for any damage to lots and structures or objects therein, or flowers or articles removed from a grave except for damage that has been shown to have been caused by cemetery staff. For any damages shown to have been caused by cemetery staff, the Board will attempt to contact the interment rights holder at the last known address to advise the damages. 

  1. n) Lot Decorations-Safety 

Lot decorations will be addressed as required where a particular lot decorations are deemed unsafe by the Coordinator or designate.

7.3 Lot Decorations Rules (November 1st to April 30th)

Note: The cemetery’s Winter maintenance requires that cemetery staff may need access to any site on cemetery property. Therefore it is imperative that the following rules be followed: 

  1. a) One wreath on a metal stand placed over flat markers and not in front or behind flat markers. For upright monuments, wreaths are to be placed in front of the monument and as close as possible. Wreaths are not to have plastic coverings. 
  2. b) Temporary wooden crosses must be between 61 cm (24″) and 91 cm (36″)above the ground to allow for good visibility. 
  3. c) ltems within the garden area are not to exceed the monument’s height or encroach on neighbouring graves. 
  4. d) Lot decorations will be addressed as required where a particular lot decoration is deemed unsafe by the Coordinator or designate.


8.1 Flush Markers – Defined 

ln, this article “flush marker” means a granite or bronze flat marker. Pillow markers are prohibited. 

8.2 Construction – Granite Required 

All grave memorials of any kind erected in the cemetery shall be constructed wholly of granite. and/or bronze. No material other than granite or bronze shall be placed on any memorial. 

8.3 Construction – Other – Removal 

Memorials installed in the cemetery, which are found to be in contravention of the By-Law, shall be ordered removed. The Coordinator or designate will contact the lnterment Rights Holder (at their last known address) of the contravention, and the lnterment Rights Holder shall be given thirty (30) days within which he/she must comply with the by-law. lf the contravention is not corrected within this period, the Coordinator or designate may have the memorial removed at the expense of the lnterment Rights Holder. 

8.4 Marker Location – On Lot 

Markers are permitted with size and quantity restrictions according to the section of the cemetery and the regulations deemed necessary as per the size of the lot. The marker placement must not interfere with future interments. 

  • Single lot maximum 36″ wide x24″ deep. 
  • Double lot maximum 48″ wide x24″ deep. 
  • Cremation lot (flush markers only) maximum24″ wide x 16″ deep (includes 4″ border) 

Flush markers may be centered over one, two or more adult spaces at the head end.

8.5 Outstanding Charges – To Be Paid 

No flush markers shall be installed upon a lot unless the purchase price and any other outstanding charges for such lot have been paid in full. 

8.6 Uniform Thickness 

Allflush markers shall be of a uniform thickness of 10 cm (4″) plus or minus 1.28cm (112″) and must be set so that the top is flush with the level of the ground. The allowed variance to all flush marker sizes shall be plus or minus 1.28cm (112″) in total length and total width. A 10 cm (4″) cement or granite border on all sides of the marker is required.

9.1 Location – Centered 

Upright markers shall be placed at the centre of the lot’s end, except where alignment with existing upright markers justifies another location. Under no circumstances shall more than one memorial or any part thereof be permitted on any grave space. No upright marker shall be placed upon a lot unless the purchase price and all other outstanding charges for such lot have been paid in full. 

9.2 Safety 

All upright markers must withstand a force of 35 kgs when such force is applied at any point on the memorial. Such markers must withstand this force when set in adry mode (i.e. without the assistance of any adhesive material). Dowels (300 series stainless or equivalent) may assist an upright marker in achieving the 35 kgs minimum standard. Such dowels’ intended positioning must be shown/stated on the contract requesting the marker’s installation. All portions of an upright marker must be sealed together with a sealing compound and spacers to provide an adequate stability level. 

9.3 UprightMarkers – Size Limitations 

The Board reserves the right to determine the maximum size of monuments, their number and their location on each lot. They must not be of a size that would interfere with future interments. 

The size of a monument must be within the following restrictions: 


Monuments depending on their location within the cemetery, are restricted to a maximum height of 121.92 cm ( 48″), including the base. 

The maximum width of a base is controlled by the width of the lot where it will be installed. No base shall be closer than 7.6 cm (3″) to the lot width sidelines. 

The die stones must be installed on a granite base. The height of the base shall be a minimum of 20.32 cm (8″). The base’s top surface must be wider and longer than the die to provide a minimum border of 7.62 cm (3″) of the base’s surface exposed on all sides. Bottoms of the base shall be smooth sawn. 

The foundation shall be built in the designated space and the proper dimensions of the monument base. Foundations must not be less than 121.92 (48″) deep. 

9.4 lnscriptions – Family Name, Etc. 

Family surnames or any inscriptions such as scriptures, poetry, prose, etc. on the back of upright markers will be permitted and must be approved by the Coordinator or designate. Burial information may not be placed on the back of any monument unless the interment rights are owned on both sides of the monument by the same rights holder. All inscriptions must be approved by the Coordinator or designate.

9.5 Construction – Granite Required 

Upright markers (including base) are to be constructed wholly of granite. Attachments of any other materials will be removed and disposed of. Fieldstones made of granite unless cut to meet specifications are prohibited. 

9.6 lnscriptions – Reproductions – Photographic images, Etc 

Only those inscriptions, reproductions or photographic images, which are an integral part of the flush marker, shall be permitted. Porcelain portraits may be attached to upright monuments only. Other acceptable methods of producing such photographic images or inscriptions include etching, sandblasting, chiselling, or similar methods as approved by the Coordinator or designate. 

10.1 Turf – Protection 

Those persons engaged in placing, repairing, or inscribing of upright markers shall provide planking and/or other protective materials adequate to protect turf and shall remove materials and equipment immediately upon completion of the work. The site shall be left in a clean, orderly condition. 

10.2 Upright Markers – ln Disrepair

lf an upright marker or flush marker presents a risk to public safety because it is unstable the Coordinator, or designate, shall do whatever is necessary by way of repairing, resetting or laying down the upright marker so as to remove the risk.

11.1 lnterment – Placement of Cremated Remains 

Any placement, inurnment, or removal of cremated remains shall be performed by cemetery staff only. The fees for such services are set out in the Price List. 1

11.2 Golumbarium Regulations 

The Coordinator or designate will supply a template (with a standardized font) to the lnterment Rights Holder for the inscription to be placed on the face of the columbarium niche; 

There should be no attachments or placement of decorations on the columbarium, inside or outside units. There will be a maximum of 2 (two) urn placements only in a columbarium niche.

12.1 Lot Embellishments 

The use of glass containers and all other materials of an equally perishable nature are prohibited and shall be removed without notice. 

Cut flowers when wilted or neglected flower pots will be removed without notice.

Any person or Funeral Director having a service request shall contact the Coordinator or designate using the posted contact information. 

Approval of cemetery by-laws is subject to the Registrar of the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002.

A person is guilty of an office if the person knowingly furnishes false information in any application under the FBCSA or this By-law, in any certificate required to be issued or in any statement or return required to be furnished under the Act or regulation. 

Interment rights holder FAQ

According to the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 31/11 s.161(1) and all amendments thereto, no Cemetery Operator shall be permitted to inter human remains in a lot, other than the remains of the Rights Holder(s), without the written consent of the Rights Holder(s).

The Cemetery must receive written permission from the Interment Rights Holder on the record before any interment or memorialization. The Interment Rights for a grave or plot give the Rights Holder the right to say who can be buried in the grave. Interment Rights also include the right to erect a memorial and direct inscriptions. If there is more than one Rights Holder, then ideally, all parties must give their consent before any interments occur or a monument is erected (except where one of the current owners is being buried). 

The granting of Interment Rights to a grave does not mean you own the land itself but that you have the Right to direct burials and memorials in the assigned space, subject to the cemetery bylaws and government regulations. The land remains the property of the licenced cemetery operator. 

The Interment Rights Holder of the record is the person that is named on the official Deed/Certificate of Interment Rights. Usually, but not always, the Interment Rights Holder of the record is/was the person who purchased the interment rights. This becomes an issue when the Interment Rights Holder is deceased.

When the Interment Rights Holder dies, the Rights are considered an asset of the estate and, as such, are distributed to the beneficiaries of the deceased’s estate. The Rights must then be registered in the new owner’s name for the transfer to be completed. 

The Interment Rights do not automatically transfer to the “children or spouse etc.” Interment Rights to a plot cannot be given or taken without first notifying the cemetery owner/operator. 

Situations often arise where family members want to arrange for a further burial or an additional inscription to be placed on the memorial, but the registered Rights Holder is deceased. As stated, a living Rights Holder is required to give permission for a burial to take place or a memorial to be erected or altered. For the burial or memorial request to proceed, the Interment Rights need to be transferred to the person(s) entitled to those Interment Rights.

If the Interment Rights Holder left a will, the deceased’s estate’s primary beneficiary is entitled to the Interment Rights. Suppose the estate is divided equally between a number of persons; they are all entitled to the Interment Rights. If the Rights Holder did not leave a will, then the persons entitled to the Rights are the direct next of kin following their bloodline. Confirmation from an Estate Solicitor may be required to verify blood relationship. This is a sworn statement explaining that the registered Rights Holder is deceased and names who are entitled to the Interment Rights and why. This statement must give names of all those persons entitled to the Rights, whether they wish to be owners or not.

If you are the registered Rights Holder and would like another person to be an owner, you can assign the Rights, making you joint owners with the following benefits: 

  • In the future, when a Rights Holder is deceased, this leaves a remaining living Rights Holder, and no further legal transfer is required. 
  • Ensures there is a “living” Rights Holder to take care of any future burials/memorialization. 
  • Where a “family” plot has sufficient space, it provides continuity through generations.

Memorial dedication program

Learn how you can dedicate a tree or park bench as a milestone celebration in a City park in remembrance of a loved one or a reminder of a special event. 

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