Front Street Farmers’ Market

Welcome to the Front Street Farmers’ Market! Located at 67 Front Street in Downtown Trenton, the Front Street Farmers’ Market features various local makers, bakers and growers.

The Front Street Farmers’ Market is beautifully nestled along the Trent Severn Waterway at 67 Front StreetDowntown Trenton. Visitors can find a wide variety of artisanal and produce vendors with products ranging from fruits, veggies, crafts to baked goods and more.  Market hours are 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday from May to October.


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Meet the vendors

Carl and Carole Richards have been married for 57 years, and this is their ninth year as vendors at the Front Street Farmers’ Market. Carl’s Tarts has been producing fantastic baked goods for over 30 years. Before they started at the Market, Carl and Carole owned Wedge and Bottle Family Restaurant in Frankford for 20 years. 

“We love trying new recipes and enjoy seeing new and returning customers on Market days,” says Carole. “The Front Street Farmers’ Market has such a nice variety of vendors. There is truly something for everyone! It is a lovely atmosphere.”

Some of Carl’s Tarts products include tarts, pies, date squares, cookies, bagels, donuts, tea biscuits, brownies and loaves. Carl and Carole will be at the Market all season long, every Wednesday and Saturday.

Douglas and Melinda are selling organically grown vegetables, jarred goods and handmade glass art. They have a wide range of veggies available for purchase at the market, including tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, greens, radish, turnip, cucumber and more.
Melinda was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary and lived in Italy before moving to Canada 20 years ago. Doug was born and raised in Saskatchewan, and moved to Ontario 33 years ago. Now, they reside on their farm in the Quinte area.
“The best part of our job is working with nature, keeping our land uncontaminated and giving people the opportunity to purchase healthy produce,” says Melinda. “We encourage all of our buyers to introduce low glycemic vegetables into their diet and we love advising them on how to go about it.”
Douglas and Melinda will be at the Front Street Farmers’ Market every Saturday of the season. Their fresh produce goes fast, so be sure to come first thing in the morning before it’s gone!

Born in Bellville, this is Crystal’s first year at the Front Street Farmers’ Market. Crystal sells handmade jewelry such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and more!  

Crystal has been creating jewelry since she was a kid, and started by making friendship bracelets. Her passion grew from there, and now she has worked with materials such as hemp, beads, leather, clay, feathers and more! Her favourite method is wire wrapping. Most of her inspiration comes from nature, which is why her favourite design is wrapping stones with a tree of life. 

“The trickiest part of making jewelry is having confidence in my creations,” says Crystal. “I always have to remind myself that creations are meant to be like people; each one unique. Wire wrapping takes time to perfect, so once I mastered the art of wrapping, I started to feel more confident in trying new things.”

Fun fact about Crystal: she loves reading and taking her dog, Deimos, for a walk/hike every day!

Find Crystal at the Front Street Farmers’ Market every Saturday of the season.

Zack and his brother Nate have been operating Wild Card Brewing Company since 2015, and this is their first year at the Market! Originally from Napanee, the brothers moved to Quinte West in 2010 and have been loving it ever since. 

“We want to continue to help build a great community of beer lovers in the region,” says Zack. 

Wild Card Brewing Company brews, packages and sells delicious craft beer and has recently embarked on a new adventure: hard seltzers. This is a great low-calorie, low sugar, low gluten option for non-beer drinkers. 

Find Zack at the Front Street Farmers’ Market every Saturday of the season.

Sharon has been wood burning for the past five years and has been passionate about drawing for as long as she can remember. Born and raised in Kingston, Sharon now lives in Quinte West and is bringing her artistic skill to the Front Street Farmers’ Market this season.

“Wood burning is a tricky skill, and it can be tough not to burn too deep into the wood. It’s all worth it when I see people happy with the final product. I love being at the Front Street Farmers’ Market and meeting new people every weekend” says Sharon.

Fun fact about Sharon: she has met Bob Marley’s mother, a.k.a “Mother B”😎

Find Sharon at the Front Street Farmers’ Market every Saturday of the season.

Meet Dianne, owner of Esker Ridge Farm. 

Esker Ridge Farm lies between Oak Ridge Hills and the Trent River. For the past 20 years, Dianne’s career has focused on the cultivation of organic vegetables for market purposes. Dianne studied fashion design and technique in her college years and is now using her skillset to fuel her passion by creating limited-edition fashion for children using upcycled fabric. Her designs are all one of a kind and hand-made. Additionally, Dianne and her husband create hand-crafted woodwork. This includes cutting boards, knives and more.

“It is an honour to be a present vendor of the Front Street Farmers’ Market,” says Dianne. “The community is truly amazing, and everyone has been so supportive.”

Find Dianne at the Front Street Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.

If you haven’t tried baked goods from Rollin’ Oats yet…you better get down to the market this week! Born and raised in Brighton, this is Katie’s second year at the Front Street Farmers’ Market. 

Rollin’ Oats started making fresh fruit crumbles, and has now expanded to offer full sized oven baked donuts (available at the Grind and Vine) along with oven baked “Rollin’ O” donut holes! This year at the Market, Rollin’ Oats will have donut holes and fresh fruit crumbles in a variety of flavours, with at least one ‘no sugar added’ or ‘sugar free’ option weekly.

“The trickiest part about my job is not going crazy with too many flavour ideas at once!” says Katie. “There is inspiration everywhere, and I am always wanting to try the latest flavour trends. Especially when it comes to donuts! My favourite part is when I get to interact with my customers. I have met so many incredible people at the Front Street Farmers’ Market!”

Fun fact about Katie: she has a passion for all things weather related! When she was a kid, she won a contest to read the weather on a local radio station, which was her dream come true. 

Find Katie at the Front Street Farmers’ Market every Saturday this season. 

Dan was born and raised on a farm in the Codrington area. After his life on the farm, Dan travelled Europe before coming back to Ontario to start his career in technical support, focusing on cash registers, photocopiers and computers. He retired in 2016 and has been pursuing his passion in history and genealogy ever since! Dan has written three books that he has available for sale at the Front Street Farmers’ Market:

  • The Wreck of HMS Speedy: The Tragedy that Shook Upper Canada
  • 38 Hours To Montreal: William Weller and the Governor General’s Race of 1840
  • Murder in the Family: The Dr. King Story.

“The part of producing history books that I like the most is doing the research and making a story come alive,” says Dan. “Maybe a close second is when I am standing in front of a crowd of people telling one of my historical stories. I could do that every day of the week!”

Find Dan at the Front Street Farmers’ Market most Saturdays of the season.

Donna sells home-made jams and jellies, as well as fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, corn and asparagus.

Zach Reid was working as an electrician when he tried his first sip of coffee. Between early mornings and long commutes to work, he figured it was time to give it a chance. Four years later, he’s here at the Front Street Farmers’ Market selling his own line of coffee beans!
“I honestly didn’t like most of the coffee that I tried, until I stumbled across a natural process Ethiopian coffee from Social Coffee Co.” says Zach. “This led me down a rabbit hole of research, and I developed a bit of an obsession with learning about specialty coffee.”
In 2018, Zach took some courses through the Specialty Coffee Association of Canada to educate himself on the roasting and sensory evaluation of coffee beans. He picked up a sample roaster and practiced making his own, and Align Coffee was born. Zach now operates a larger roaster and sells four different types of coffee beans. All of the coffee available at Align Coffee is ethically sourced and specialty grade coffee.
Switch up your coffee routine and visit Zach at the Front Street Farmers’ Market. He’s there every Saturday from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
To learn more about what makes Align Coffee so special, visit their website and follow them on social media @aligncoffee

Ena is the owner of Lavender Syke. Born and raised in Toronto, Ena moved to Prince Edward County 13 years ago and has been making lavender products for the past eight years.

Some of her products include lavender-infused honey, lavender extract, lavender water, lavender eye pillows, lavender oils, lavender teas, multiple lavender soaps and so much more!

“The trickiest part is knowing how much to make of a product to keep it fresh,” says Ena. “The best part of my job is that I LOVE the smell of lavender!”

Find Ena at the Front Street Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.

Margaret has been a vendor at the Front Street Farmers’ Market for over 14 years and is an expert knitter. She makes beautiful homemade sweaters, mittens, socks, dishcloths and more.

Hilltop Fruitstand offers quality fresh fruit, vegetables, syrup and flowers. Hilltop is officially open for the season, ready to fill your baskets with apples, garden veggies, honey, herbs, flowers and more.

Market-goers can purchase Hilltop’s products on Saturday mornings at the Front Street Farmers’ Market. Visit @hilltopfruitstand and see what goes on at the fruit stand

Patricia Detlor is the owner of D.O.GEE Treats. Born in Napanee, she now resides in beautiful Frankford.

D.O.GEE treats are homemade, healthy dog treats made with pumpkin, blueberries, tuna and 100% natural peanut butter. In her booth at the market, visitors will also find plants, art, wooden crafts, jewelry and more!

“Everyone in my family is crafty and creative,” says Patricia. “My main focus is making dog treats, but being crafty is my hobby, so you never know what I will try next!”

Visitors can find Patricia at the market on Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Chaenel Mattis and Simba Lindayen are new to the Quinte Region. After both living in big cities, the pair have settled into Stirling.
Harmony Garden is selling fresh vegetables, herbs, paintings, jewelry and more. Chaenel and Simba grow all of their produce naturally and are thrilled to be vendors at the Front Street Farmers’ Market this year.
“The most challenging part of being a grower is keeping up with the weeds,” says Chaenel. “We know a lot of the weeds benefit the plants, but we don’t want them getting suffocated. On the other hand, the best part of growing is watching everything take off better than we expected!”
Chaenel and Simba look forward to sharing their food and creations with the Quinte West community.
Visitors can find Harmony Garden at the Front Street Farmers’ Market every Saturday of the season from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

David and Sharon sell plants and fresh produce such as potatoes, zucchini and more! 

Kellie sells microwavable cooking bags. 

Become a vendor

If you are interested in participating in the 2021 Front Street Farmers’ Market season, please contact or call 613-392-2841 to obtain a Front Street Farmer’s Market vendor handbook (PDF) and application

More information + contact details

For further inquiries, please contact the economic development and tourism services division at 613-392-2841 ext. 4416 or email

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