Water quality

Learn how to identify and respond to water quality problems, and find out more about how the city maintains a safe drinking water system.

Learn how to identify and respond to water quality problems and find out how the city maintains a safe drinking water system.

Report persistent water issues to us by calling us at 613-392-2841, ext. 4901

The water treatment plants treat and provide the City with a reliable source of potable water for domestic, industrial, and commercial uses and fire protection purposes. The water distribution system conveys water from the plants to the consumers and includes pumping stations, mains, valves, hydrants, services, and meters. 

The City of Quinte West owns and operates one consolidated Drinking Water System. The Quinte West Drinking Water System is comprised of three (3) Water Treatment Plants:

  • Trenton Water Treatment Plant
  • Frankford Water Treatment Plant
  • Bayside Water Treatment Plant

Clearing discoloured water

Discoloured water is usually caused by minerals naturally found in groundwater or older iron pipes’ corrosion in the water distribution system. These minerals can be disturbed by activities such as water main repairs or fire hydrant maintenance. Iron pipes are being phased out of our water system to avoid future corrosion issues. 

If you experience discoloured water, clear it from your water line, and run the cold water tap in your home for five minutes. If that does not work, wait an hour and try again. Report persistent issues to our water team at 613-392-2841, ext. 4901.

Low pressure

If the water pressure is lower than usual, there are several things you can do:

  • If only hot water is affected, contact your water heater provider or a plumber.
  • If only softened water is affected, put your softener on bypass and contact a plumber.
  • Check your water valve to make sure it is fully open. It is found where water enters the house.
  • If your neighbours are also experiencing low pressure, contact us at 613-392-2841, ext. 4901 for assistance. 

Water quality management

The Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS) has been developed collaboratively by the Ministry of Environment, Quality Management System Experts, and Water Industry Stakeholders to respond to Justice O’Connor’s recommendations from Part 2, the Walkerton Inquiry Report. The Standard has been developed specifically for the needs of the drinking water community in Ontario. 

The Walkerton Inquiry report states: “The purpose of the quality management approach in the context of drinking water is to protect public health by achieving consistent good practice in managing and operating a water system. The hallmarks of this approach include: 

  • The adoption of best practices and continual improvement;
  • Real-time process control (e.g., the continuous monitoring of turbidity, chlorine residual, and disinfection contact time) wherever feasible;
  • The effective operation of robust multi barriers to protect public health;
  • Preventative rather than strictly reactive strategies to identify and manage risk to public health, and;
  • Effective leadership.”

A quality management system is a documented and implemented set of policies and procedures defining how an organization manages and directs its business processes or the business it does regarding its quality or service. The system enables an organization to identify, measure, control, and continually improve upon these processes, ultimately leading to improved business management performance.

The City of Quinte West has developed a System (QMS) that conforms to the Ministry’s Drinking Water Quality Management Standard. The City’s QMS is documented in the Operational Plan, which describes how the City of Quinte West meets or exceeds the Ministry of the Environment prescribed standard requirements. The City received certification as an “Accredited Operating Authority” in July 2010 and maintained this status. 

The City of Quinte West Quality Management System Policy

City of Quinte West Public Works and Environmental Services, on behalf of the City of Quinte West, is committed to supplying a safe, consistent drinking water supply while maintaining strict adherence to those Acts and Regulations applicable to drinking water. The City strives to achieve these goals through the implementation of a management system comprising policies, procedures, instructions, and forms that demonstrate risk-based treatment process evaluation, staff competency, open communications and appropriate contingency/incident response measures.

City of Quinte West municipal staff who are directly involved in the supply of drinking water share in the responsibilities of implementing, maintaining and contributing to the continual improvement of the Drinking Water Quality Management System.

Copies of the City’s operational plan are available for viewing at city hall

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