Inspection services

Book a fire inspection, request a file search or submit a fire plan for review.

Quinte West Fire/Rescue assists building and business owners in requests for inspections of buildings and refreshment vehicles to comply with the Ontario Fire Code and all other applicable codes and standards.

General Inquiries:

A home inspection will look at potential issues like barbeque tank storage, chimneys, electrical cords, heat sources, smoke alarms and exits. Follow this process to request one:

  1. Contact 613-392-6557 and provide the homeowner’s or business name, address, phone number and type of house or business.
  2. The fee for regulation purposes begins at $90. Payment is accepted by cheque only (made payable to the City of Quinte West) at the Quinte West Fire Department Headquarters – Station #1.

To determine if there is a fire code violation on a property, you require a letter from the person requesting the search and written authorization from the current owner permitting to search. File searches are $ 75, including HST and can take a minimum of two weeks turnaround time. Payment is accepted online (preferred) or a cheque made payable to the City of Quinte West. Contact 613-392-6557 to get started.

Fire extinguisher training provides the confidence needed for effective fire extinguishers use while demonstrating how to use fire extinguishers properly. To book a training time, email or call 613-392-6557.  

# of Persons


1-9 persons

$ 95

10-24 persons

$ 190

25-49 persons

$ 280

Over 50 persons

$ 5 / person 

Quinte West Fire/Rescue offers review and approval of fire safety plans in buildings regulated by Division B, Article of the Ontario Fire Code

Submit your fire safety plan in person or by mail to:

Fire Prevention Officer
Main Headquarters (Station 1)
Quinte West Fire & Emergency Services 
49 Dixon Drive
Trenton, ON  K8V 1W6

Templates are available to prepare a fire safety plan for your facility. To request a template, contact or call 613-392-6557

Consumer fireworks are low-hazard fireworks articles designed for recreational use by the public. These articles include roman candles, sparklers, fountains, wheels, volcanos, mines, and snakes.

 If you plan to discharge, fire or set off any fireworks or firecrackers, you may require special permission or a permit to hold such displays. For more information, view our fireworks by-law. For approval to use fireworks at your home or event, contact the Quinte West Fire Prevention Officer at 613-392-2841 or email

A refreshment vehicle means a vehicle from which refreshments are sold for consumption by the public at the time of sale or later. Refreshment vehicles include; stationary canteens, mobile canteens, and mobile carts. Click here for more information about refreshment vehicle inspection.

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