Rural surface treatment

Learn more about the rural surface treatment process and what roads are scheduled for 2022.

The City of Quinte West has many roads that have a ‘tar and chip’ surface treatment. This surface treatment method is also known as ‘chip seal.’ It is used on rural roads with low to medium volumes of traffic as a more cost-effective and durable alternative to asphalt paving. Tar and chip roads get resurfaced approximately every 7-10 years.

During and after the work has been completed, you can expect to see a higher than average dust amount. The contractor will begin by pulverizing the road. A layer of hot asphalt will be applied, followed by an even layer of angular aggregate stones rolled into place. These stones are further pushed into the asphalt tar by traffic on the road.

Once the work has been completed, we ask that you not sweep the street when the chip is still loose. Residents are also invited to reduce their speed when driving. This will help minimize the disturbance of the stones to ensure an even clean surface and reduce dust.

Roads scheduled for 2022:

Bernard Long Road (from Trenton-Frankford Road to McCauley Road) 
Brown Road (full road) 
Corrigan Road (200 m section between Zion Road and Maple View Road) 
Deer Run Road (from Keating Lane westerly)  
DJ Whites Road (for 250 m at Christiani Road) COMPLETE
Fish and Game Club Road (from Flying Club Road east for 150 m) 

Glen Ross Road (from the Trent River Bridge south for 1.2 km) 


Gunter Settlement Road (from Paul Street to Floud’s Bridge Road) 


Harcourt Road (from Barry Road north for 150 m)


Hearns Road (from Deer Run Road south for 1.4 km) 


Hennessey Road (400 m section between Powerline Road and Boulton Road) 


Keating Road (north from Deer Run Road) 


Moran Road (200 m section between Maple View Road and Zion Road) 


Murray Street (from County Road 40 west for 1.4 km) 


Parks Road (full road) 


Parkside Drive (full road) 


Powerline Road (from Flindall Road to Bigford Road) 


Ray Palmer Road (full road) 


Rosebush Road (from Pyears Road to Utman Road) 


Tate Road (from Highway 2 north to the railway tracks)


Whaley Road (full road)


Sections of the following roads will also receive rural surface treatment: Stacey Road, Murray-Harrington Road, Gumby Lane, Pitchers Road, and Montrose Road

View the map of 2022 construction projects, including rural surface treatment, below.

Last Updated: 11 months ago

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