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Water wastewater facts + figures 

  • Municipal water and sanitary services to approximately 28,000 residents in the municipality.
  • One Municipal Enterprise is in place with one consistent rate for all users.
  • Water conservation is crucial for us, our environment, and future generations.  The preservation/conservation of this precious, natural, and valuable resource is vital to our City.
  • There is approximately 216 km of water mains in the City.
  • Public Works & Environmental Services maintains 1006 hydrants and 1,400 valves.
  • There is approximately 132 km of sanitary sewer lines.
  • There are approximately 1,500 sanitary manholes.
  • There are approximately 8,800 connections to the water/sewer systems.
  • Approximately 6,000 megalitres of wastewater per year are treated.
  • Approximately 7,000 megalitres of water are treated per year for drinking water.

Hydrant flushing FAQ

Hydrant Flushing is a necessary maintenance process that removes particles and minerals that form over time inside water pipes, thereby widening the water’s pathway to flow.  Flushing ensures a continual, adequate supply of potable water for necessary uses while meeting public safety needs through fire prevention (under Ontario Fire Code, Ont. Reg. 730/81) and confirming that water supply systems, including valves and hydrants, are in good working order.

If you see a crew flushing a hydrant in your area, avoid running tap water and using the washing machine or the dishwasher until the flushing is complete.  If you see hydrant flushing crews working, please drive carefully and treat them like any other road construction crew.  If flushing occurs in the winter season, please be aware of possible slippery roads or sidewalks and proceed with caution.

If tap water is used during flushing, it could come out full of fine sediment that causes discolouration.  If you encounter discoloured water, simply flush the cold water tap closest to your water meter for up to 15 minutes to clear any remaining discoloured water from your pipes and fixtures.  Other household cold water taps can also be flushed to ensure no discoloured water remains in the plumbing for your home. If the water doesn’t clear in 15 minutes, wait 30 minutes and try again.  In some cases, slight discolouration of water might linger for a few hours.  This discolouration only affects the appearance of the water and does not affect water quality.  There are no known health hazards associated with discoloured water that results from flushing.

If water pressure or volume in your home seems low after flushing has been completed in your area, check your faucet screens for trapped particles.

To help put the water cost into perspective, it costs $2.13 (water and sewer services) or $1.16 (water services only) for every 1000 Litres of water used. This amounts to only $0.02 (water and sewer services) or $0.01 (water service only) per 10 Litres. 

It is safer for staff to work on the streets in daylight.  Also, daylight provides better visibility when all the sediment has been flushed out and the water is running clear.

The City’s water treatment plants in Frankford and Trenton pull water from the Trent River and Quinte’s Bay in Bayside.  Seasonal temperatures may cause an increase in organics that are removed at the water treatment plant. These organics can cause chlorine concentrations to fluctuate high or low in some cases.  In both cases, a strong chlorine smell can be present.  According to provincial drinking water regulations, the water has been tested and has been found to meet or exceed water quality objectives. City staff recommend that residents flush their taps for some time, fill a pitcher with tap water and place it in your fridge overnight.  This will help to dissipate the chlorine smell. 

The City appreciates your cooperation while seasonal temperature fluctuations are being addressed.


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