Emergency notification system

An emergency notification system warns the public in emergencies such as chemical spills, a fire or a boil water advisory.

The City of Quinte West believes the Protective Response Interactive Services Management (PRISM) emergency notification system is one of the essential municipal programs developed in the country because it facilitates notifications to its citizens during emergencies. 

PRISM identifies properties influenced in an emergency through an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping program. These properties are selected for notification, and residents having phone numbers in the City’s PRISM database will receive a recorded message. This system gives the City the ability to initiate an emergency notification as quickly as 20 minutes of an event.

The application is used to warn the public in emergencies such as a chemical spill, a fire or a boil water advisory. Police can also use it to notify the public about missing children or adults. Where time is critical, and minutes can seem like hours, PRISM can make a difference in assisting our emergency response personnel. 

  • September 2019 – The OPP used PRISM to warn residents of the North Murray Industrial Park of gunshots being reports and notify them of police presence in the area. 
  • June 2019 – PRISM was used to notify residents of a road washout in Glen Miller.
  • August 2017 – PRISM was used to locate a missing man.  
  • PRISM will never request your financial or personal information other than your name, address, and telephone number. If you receive such a call, please contact the Quinte West OPP at 613-392-3561.
  • The information you provide for PRISM will only be used for municipal notification purposes and will not be shared with third parties.
  • PRISM is a community emergency notification application developed by the City of Quinte West GIS/IT Department. This is the first known Canadian-made application of its kind and was officially launched on March 4, 2008. 
  • A Canadian municipality for Canadian municipalities developed PRISM. It is a web-based application that uses Canadian technology. 
  • PRISM-911 is NOT Reverse-911®. Reverse-911® is an American emergency notification application owned and operated by a company of the same name. Although the press and public sometimes mistakenly refer to PRISM-911 as Reverse-911®, that is an error, and the City of Quinte West regrets this standard reference.

Last Updated: 5 months ago

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