Community Improvement Plan

The Community Improvement Plan (CIP) provides a framework for creating and implementing programs to revitalize downtown Trenton and Frankford and in industrial areas.

A Community Improvement Plans or CIP is a tool that allows a municipality to direct funds and implement policy initiatives toward a specifically defined project area. 

Community Improvement Plans are intended to encourage revitalization initiatives and/or stimulate development and redevelopment. Once implemented, the plan allows municipalities to provide tax assistance, grants or loans to assist in the revitalization of lands and/or buildings within the defined Community Improvement Project Area (CIPA).

Downtown Community Improvement Plan 

The CIP provides a framework for creating and implementing various programs to revitalize and reshape Trenton’s physical and social environment and Frankford’s downtown and waterfront areas. The CIP also establishes financial incentives to encourage property owners to improve the appearance of their storefronts.

  • To encourage the continued vitality and economic viability of the commercial cores in all seasons.
  • To stimulate new investment in public and private lands.
  • To encourage consistency in urban design guidelines.
  • To create an attractive image of the City that reflects the historic character and heritage of the community.
  • To reinforce the commercial cores as a focus for the community.
  • Improve connections between commercial areas, the waterfront, and recreational trails and improve pedestrian access within the core areas.
  • To provide incentives for rehabilitating the commercial core areas as an attractive and vibrant destination for the City’s citizens and visitors.

The City of Quinte West is pleased with the success of the CIP incentive program. Since 2005, the City has allocated more than $600,000 in funding for building façade improvements, signage, and landscaping in the downtown business improvement area. The CIP incentive program continues to grow and prosper.

The heritage colour palette is designed to assist property owners when selecting paint colours for their buildings. The palette includes suggested combinations of main body and trim colours. 

Heritage Colour Palette


IMG_00000074 - Industrial community improvement plan

Industrial Lands Community Improvement Plan 

The City of Quinte West is looking to attract new businesses to the area by implementing its new Industrial Land Community Improvement Plan (CIP). The first of its kind in Eastern Ontario is financial incentive programs to encourage industrial development. 

The Quinte West Industrial Lands CIP is intended to stimulate private sector investment in targeted industrial areas in the City. Successful applicants will benefit from grants designed to help applicants reduce the costs associated with municipal property taxes. This program is open to new developments and existing businesses that expand on both municipally and privately owned industrial lands.

The City of Quinte West industrial lands community improvement plan (CIP) is intended to help stimulate private sector investment in the targeted City’s industrial areas in the provides financial incentive programs to encourage industrial development and redevelopment job growth economic vitality in the City. 

Tax increment equivalent grant

The CIP can provide successful applicants with a grant to stimulate investment in the new and existing businesses by reducing costs associated with increased property taxes from significant development, redevelopment and property improvements on industrial lands. 

Permit application fee grant

A grant to assist with the development/redevelopment projects on industrial lands via reducing the zoning bylaw amendment application fee or the Demolition Permit application fee. 

Contacts for more information:

Linda Lisle | Manager of Economic Development & Tourism
City of Quinte West
613-392-2841, ext. 4477

Brian Grattan | Coordinator to Officer
City of Quinte West
613-392-2841, ext. 4416 

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