COVID Resources for Businesses

Resources for local businesses affected by the current pandemic and global health crises.

The City of Quinte West has compiled a list of resources for local businesses affected by the current pandemic and global health crisis. This list of resources is updated continuously as information is received on different programs. 

Feb. 17, 2022 : Apply for the Ontario small business relief grant – Application

Feb. 4, 2022: Ontario Business Costs Rebate Program Applications now open. – View Program Guide.

Jan. 5, 2022: Ontario temporarily moving to modified step two of the roadmap to reopen.

Important note for manufactures considering switching up operations. 

If you are considering switching your current operation to manufacture needing PPE and sanitizers, to sell or donate, please reach out to the team at Quinte Economic Development Commission for resources and assistance. Some products may require approvals from Health Canada or local healthcare facilities before use. 

Learn more about local responses, updates and announcements from the City of Quinte West. [link to Covid-19 Response page]

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Learn more about local health restrictions from Hastings Prince Edward Public Health.

In response to the Province of Ontario’s Stage 2 – Reopening Ontario Plan released on June 8, 2020, the City of Quinte West offers an expedited process to allow for temporary patio spaces. The temporary patios must comply with the general safety requirements outlined in the temporary patio registration form and will be allowed to operate without permits until the provincial emergency order restricting indoor dining is revoked if registered with the City.


  • Complete the temporary patio registration form.
  • Open your patio. If you intend to serve alcohol, you must comply with the guidelines of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO)
  • If the patio is located on city property, provide a Certificate of Insurance to the City of Quinte West (office of the CAO) within five business days of registration. Refer to the registration form appendix for details.
  • If an applicant received approval for a temporary patio in 2020 or 2021, the permit will continue for the 2022 season.  All applicants must ensure that insurance coverage is in place for the duration of the 2022 season.

General health and safety guidelines

All Patios on private and City property (except municipal road allowances):

  • The patio must be open air (no tents/structures/canopies).
  • Patios with 60 persons or less shall be provided with one or more means of egress (minimum of one – 3 ft. (900 mm) opening or swing gate).
  • Patios with greater than 60 persons shall provide two remote means of egress (minimum of two – 3 ft. (900 mm) openings or swing gates that open out from the patio).
  • A fence or barrier surrounding the patio is required if alcohol is being served.
  • Fences or barriers must be secured.
  • Patio umbrellas, planter boxes, signs, sandwich boards, etc., must not overhang or extend beyond the patio area.
  • The patio must not extend in front of adjacent tenant spaces.
  • Patios must not obstruct a designated fire route.
  • Patios must not obstruct or impede existing sidewalks
  • Patio locations should limit the number of parking spaces lost and not obstruct or remove accessible parking spots.
  • There must be access to a fire extinguisher inside or outside the building and 3 ft., 3 in. (1 m.) clearance for the fire department connection.
  • The organization of tables, seating and access, must be accessible and barrier-free
  • Business name and logo may appear on fencing, but other banners and signs are prohibited.
  • The size of the patio should be limited as necessary to minimize disturbance where there are nearby residential dwellings. Patio service shall be closed by 11:00 pm unless otherwise extended by the City.
  • No open-air fires (bonfires, no solid fuel permitted) are allowed within the patio.
  • In an emergency maintenance/repair situation, the patio elements will be removed by others to allow for maintenance/repair activities. In a non-emergency maintenance/repair situation, notice will be provided to the applicant to have the patio elements removed to allow for maintenance/repair activities.

Additional requirements for patios encroaching on City property (except municipal road allowances):

  • A sketch showing the dimensions of the patio area and location is required to be submitted to the City.
  • City Staff will inspect the patio area within 24 hours of the registration application is submitted.
  • The City will undertake the physical closure of the patio area, ensuring a safe barrier between the patio area and public property. Alternatively, the business owner can install the barrier with City approval.
  • The business owner is responsible for setting up patio space internally
  • Requests for patios on municipal road allowances will be considered on a site-by-site basis.


Fees will be waived for the registration of temporary patios.


You are not required to call for inspections; however, the City may conduct audit inspections of patios to ensure compliance with the general safety requirements outlined in the registration form.

You are not required to request an occupancy permit; however, you must comply with the Provincial social distancing guidelines.

If you require municipal approval to obtain a liquor license, the AGCO will be notified of the registration of your patio.

During this time, our staff is available to answer questions and provide assistance as required. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Linda Lisle | Manager of Economic Development & Tourism
City of Quinte West
613-392-2841, ext. 4477

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