World Town Planning Day: Meet Anne-Marie Cunningham

Q: What is your role with Quinte West?

A: As Committee of Adjustment coordinator, I handle inquiries from landowners and developers and process applications to create new lots, alter lot lines or provide relief from the City’s zoning bylaw. I work with lawyers, surveyors, engineers, consultants, ministries/agencies, neighbouring landowners and the public to address issues that impact development proposals.

Q: How long have you worked for the City?

A: I’ve worked for the City of Quinte West for more than 31 years. My first municipal role was in the tax department. However, I took part in various planning courses and conferences and other on-the-job training in planning over time.

Q: What do you like most about your job, and what is the most challenging part?

A: I like that every property is different, and there are always unique issues/challenges to address. I love helping people navigate the processes and working with the public to address concerns. The most challenging part of my job is when there are disputes/concerns, which are sometimes long-standing feuds, between neighbouring landowners. The most rewarding part of my job is helping people achieve their goals – usually by enabling them to build their dream home.

Q: What do you wish people knew about your job?

A: Most people see Committee of Adjustment applications as all being the same, but so many factors make each property and situation unique; sometimes they are planning issues related to provincial or municipal policies, but some can also be complex legal issues.

Q: What’s your favourite thing to do/see/eat in Quinte West?

A: I am biased because I was born and raised in Quinte West, but I think it is the most beautiful part of Ontario. I enjoy going out for a relaxing drive around our area, especially in the fall. I also enjoy going to local events, the Farmers’ Market, and restaurants like Tomasso’s, Tiger Chicken and the Grind & Vine.

Last Updated: 8 months ago

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