Quinte West seeking input on Highway 33/Trenton-Frankford Road speed limit

Quinte West is conducting a speed limit review of Highway 33 between Trenton and Batawa. The stretch of road in question, starting almost one kilometre east of Stockdale Road and ending just short of Johnstown Road, currently has a speed limit of 80 km/hr. As a part of the speed limit review process, the City is seeking input from residents and drivers about maintaining or lowering the speed limit to 60 km/hr. 

For more information and to share feedback visit quintewest.ca/hwy33. The survey will be open from Jan. 5 through Feb. 7, 2022. 

The input from the public will be considered along with a traffic study, data from the OPP, and recommendations from the City’s engineering department. Speed limits and the speed of vehicles are emotional issues for many people and can often generate intense concern and debate. However, the perception of what is an appropriate safe speed often differs significantly between local residents, drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, all of whom are often using the roads in question. This means that even in cases where there is overwhelming support from the public for a speed limit review, the data from the traffic study and other sources might not support a change.

Quinte West speed limit reviews are evidence-led and consider data from multiple sources, including accident reports, road characteristics and geometry, and more. Speed limits in Quinte West are established in a consistent manner that reflects the expectation of all road users.

 For a breakdown of the process, please visit quintewest.ca/speed. For information on initiating a speed limit review, please visit quintewest.ca/speedreview.

Last Updated: 6 months ago

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