Quinte West Fire/Rescue reminds residents about ice safety

Due to increasingly cold temperatures, ice is beginning to form on local area waterways. Quinte West Fire/Rescue reminds residents that current ice conditions are unsafe for recreational activities and travelling.

Many factors affect the thickness and safety of ice, such as fluctuating temperatures and water levels, the size and the depth of the body of water, currents, and more. Inconsistent air temperatures allow ice to thaw and freeze and, without consistently cold temperatures, local ice surfaces are not yet safe to enjoy this winter season. 

“Although ice on waterways looks safe, it may not be,” says Quinte West Fire Chief John Whelan. “We want everyone to be aware of the dangers and know some of the ways to stay safe on and around our local waterways throughout the winter months.” 

Quinte West Fire/Rescue offers several tips for staying safe on and around ice this winter:

  • Check the ice’s thickness. It is recommended that ice should be at least 15 cm thick for walking or skating alone, 20 cm for walking or skating as a group, and 25 cm for snowmobiling.
  • Never go out alone. Before you leave shore, tell someone where you’re going and your expected time of return. 
  • Avoid travelling on ice at night, slushy/thawed ice and ice near moving water, such as rivers or currents. 
  • Wear a lifejacket or personal flotation device (PFD). 

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Last Updated: 6 months ago

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