Public notice of pesticide use

The City of Quinte West intends to utilize Green Stream Lawn & Vegetation Management Inc. to control the noxious weed, Wild Parsnip, along the following rural roadsides:

Aikins Rd, Airport Rd, Anderson Lane, Anderson Island Rd, Apple Rd, Baptist Church Rd, Bata Rd, Bay Lea Dr, Bayswater Rd, Bayview Dr, Bellevue Dr, Bernard Long Rd, Bird Rd, Boardmans Rd, Boates Rd, Bonisteel Rd, Broatch Rd, Cardinal Court, Carmel Rd, Cooke Armstrong Rd, Cooke Lane, Corrigan Rd, Country Club Dr, County Rd 5, County Rd 28, County Rd 40, Crestview Lane, Crowe Rd, Dalmas Rd, Dean Rd, Deer Run Rd, Demille Rd, Downs Rd, Drumlin Rd, Eggleton Rd, Ellis Rd, Emerald Court, Factory Rd, Fairground Rd, Fish and Game Club Rd, Fitzgerald Rd, Floud’s Bridge Rd, Flying Club Rd, Fox Rd, Foxboro-Stirling Rd, Frankford Rd, Frankford-Stirling Rd, Fraser Dr, Free Rd, Gallivan Rd, Gazley Rd, Glen Miller Rd, Glen Ross Rd, Grills Rd, Gumby Lane, Gunter Settlement Rd, Halloway Rd, Hamilton Rd, Harrington Rd, Harrison Rd, Hearns Rd, Heasman Rd, Hendricks Rd, Highway 2, Howes Rd, Huntingwood Dr, Johnstown Rd, Joseph Rd, Ketchesons Rd, Kuglin Rd, Lakewood Cres, Leavitt Rd, Lester Rd, Little Farm Blvd, Lock Rd, Loyalist Parkway, Mackenzie Rd, Maple View Rd, Marsh Hill Rd, McCauley Rd, McColl Rd, McMaster Rd, McMullen Rd, Meyers Creek Rd, Miron Rd, Moira St W, Monogram Place, Montrose Rd, Moran Rd, Murray St, Murray-Harrington Rd, Nichols Rd, North Trent St, Oak Lake Rd, Old Wooler Rd, Parks Rd, Parry Dr, Pelham St, Pigtail Corners Rd, Pitchers Rd, Platt Rd, Potter Rd, Powerline Rd, Preston Hill Rd, Prior Lane, Pyears Rd, RCAF Rd, Richards Way, River Valley Rd, Riverside Parkway, Rorabeck Rd, Rosebush Rd, Sagers Corners Rd, Schriver Rd, Sidney St N, Ski Club Lane, Smith Rd, South St, St. Hilaire Rd, Stacey Rd, Stickles Rd, Stockdale Rd, Stonegate Crescent, Stoney Point Rd, Tate Rd, Teal Rd, Telephone Rd, Thomas Bata Blvd, Thompson Rd, Trenton-Frankford Rd, Trillium Rd, Tuckers Ave, Utman Rd, Vandervoort Rd, Vermilyea Rd, Victoria Ave, Wallbridge Rd, Wallbridge-Loyalist Rd, Wannamaker Rd, Walt St, Whites Rd, Wiley Rd, Wilson Rd, Wooler Rd, Zion Rd, 2nd Dug Hill Rd.

The contractor will be using: Truvist Herbicide (Reg. #30920) containing the active ingredients Aminocyclopyrachlor and Chlorsulfuron under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada). Clearview Herbicide (Reg. #29752) containing the active ingredients Metsulfuron-methyl and Aminopyralid present as potassium salt under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada). As part of this program, Gateway Adjuvant (Reg #31470) active ingredient Paraffinic Oil and Alkoxylated alcohol non-ionic surfactants will also be used. We are controlling Noxious Weeds under Public Works Exemption of the Cosmetic Pesticides Ban to the promotion of public health and safety.

Commencing Oct. 11, 2021, and ending Oct. 31, 2021 (weather permitting).

For further information contact:

Green Stream Lawn & Vegetation Management Inc. – 905-510-1229
The City of Quinte West – 1-866-485-2841

Please contact the City of Quinte West if you require more detailed information regarding our program – including additional information on how to post “No Spraying” signage in front of your property. Collect calls accepted.

Last Updated: 9 months ago

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