Crossing guard appreciation day

Next Wednesday, March 23, Quinte West will celebrate School Guard Appreciation Day! Read some of these stories from these dedicated staff members to learn more about their experiences, feelings and perspectives.


Amy Masse-Gruntz
I had a special little guy that would come by and say hi every day…then come closer to Halloween he said that he wanted to go out as a crossing guard…I was so touched by that, I went out and got him a little stop sign, it didn’t light up like mine, but he loved it still the same…doesn’t seem like very much but it warmed my heart that he wanted to be like me…

Bonnie McMillan
A couple of years ago Cheryl Gourley who’s the director of the Trenton day, was teaching a unit about transportation. She approached me and asked if I would be interested in coming in a doing a little presentation on what my role was as a Crossing Guard. I agreed and went in one morning after completing my shift. I did a little description of what my responsibility was as a crossing guard.   Following that, we did a little role-playing etc. Upon completion, a number of children ran over to me and informed me they had decided that they wanted to be crossing guards when they grew up.   One even stated that he was going to tell his mom that she needed to say thank you to the crossing guard that lived by them.

This past Christmas a family that I cross on a regular basis presented me with a lovely Christmas present.   Upon them handing me the gift, their mother told them that they were allowed to give me a hug. They quickly told me that I was the best Crossing Guard ever and I did the best job keeping them safe.  These children were 4 and 5 and consistently give me updates on how their new kitten is doing.  I think I feel as close to that cat as they are after hearing so much about it…..


Peter Rickards
There are 2 elementary school students in particular who I interact with on a daily basis. One student asks me every morning, “what did I have for breakfast then I ask her what she had for breakfast.” There is another elementary school student who gave me a tree decoration for Christmas and also she gave me a Valentine’s Day card. Other students at St.Paul’s Secondary bring me tea and/or donuts not all the time but occasionally…..


Neva Moelker
I am a second-generation crossing guard. My dad was one in the late 70s after he retired from the Air Force. His crossing post was then taken over by my older sister, Diana, in the eighties who guarded until her death in 2004.

I had no real desire to be one but happenstance forced my hand. The crossing guard who took over my sister’s spot had an emergency come up with her husband so I, who was working for the board of education as a substitute teacher at the time, filled in. I called Heather and she said well we really should get me all situated properly. I told her I would sign up but really did not want to work lol  I was working as a church secretary then. 

But there I was a crossing guard! I have filled in at every crossing in town as well as in Frankford. I can’t imagine how many children and adults I have encountered over the years. It has been my pleasure and delight to be on the corners. I am thankful to be able to be a part of this service. Keeping children safe should always be the top priority and that is what we set out to do. 

One time I had a pair of siblings come to the crosswalk and the younger one did not want to cross with me because I was not their regular guard. The older sister convinced them it was okay. We should never underestimate the connections made and the trust that is a part of this service.  

I am proud to be part of this community and hope to continue for at least a few more years!!!!

I love saying good morning to all the little ones that I cross and a few of the older kids will have a little chat with me as we are waiting for a safe gap in traffic. There are a few who just seem to prefer the silence so I also try to respect that. I was away unexpectedly for a week recently and upon returning to work was pleasantly surprised with the “Welcome backs” but my favourite was one child who doesn’t always greet me came running up and enthusiastically exclaimed “You’re back!” and asked where’d I’d been. I hope this means that I’m doing a good job and the kids enjoy having me there as much as I enjoy doing something as small as making sure they cross the road safely.

Marlene Freeburn
I have worked as a school crossing guard for many years and take pride in helping all pedestrians and school-age children cross safely in all the designated crosswalks. There will always be many special moments in my mind and heart. Just before school Christmas break in 2019, school bus #55 makes its routine stop at my regular crossing, the bus driver opens the door and a young child gives me a Christmas card and a candy cane from all the students and the bus driver, I could see all the children waving from the windows. On the inside of the card was a handwritten note saying, thank you for being a great crossing guard, my heart filled with joy at that moment. I would like to say thank you to all professionals who work hard to protect, and keep all children safe on their way to and from school.  It takes a village.

Sarah Rosenblath
I have been working as a crossing guard for 18 years. I decided to be one as it was a necessity for my family. I love being a crossing guard. I have crossed on the base where I met countless children and then I moved to a few other spots as my life and needs changed. When I was on the base I had a family of boys. They were a blended family. There were 4 of them in total. Every day they would tell me their woes and happiness. They would fight and sometimes cry. They often argued with each other.

When one got a huge part in a play he asked me to come. So I did. He came to me the next day asking anxiously how he had done. He was excellent. They all were. And they were all in the play playing some role or another. They were so happy I had come to see them in their play.

At the end of the year, on the last day slowly one by one they got out of their mother’s van, each one bringing a bouquet of 4 roses, all different colours. I received 16 in total. I was stunned. Their mother told me they wanted to do this for me; it was their idea. She thanked me for being so good to her boys. She mentioned that they struggled. I told her it wasn’t my place to judge. I was their crossing guard and they were always good when they came to me.

As I have said I have crossed for a long time. The children I once crossed years ago now have jobs and are starting families of their own. I have begun to cross their children now. I have begun to see the children I crossed on their first day of kindergarten and cross their children. I talk to the many children, who are now adults and recognize me as their crossing guard from childhood. They get excited and tell me or my family how good I was to them as children.  That makes me love this job. Not just the children. When I am away I hear from friends that I have been missed at my cross. I have been sick for these past two weeks and I have had word that I am greatly missed. I feel blessed to be doing a job I love. 

Bonnie Lawrence
I am a small business owner, a mom, a gramma and a nanna who enjoys being around kids. I started as a casual crossing guard in 2017 just to get a break away from the hustle and bustle of the business. After a year of filling in as a casual when needed, I decided to do it full time as a position became available.

I’m not sure if it is the junior kindergarten student giving my legs a hug ( he is very short), the sibling preschooler who now says “Thankyou Bonnie” each morning, the bus student who informs me she doesn’t want me to ever leave or all the smiles and thank you’s that make this job more like a getaway than a job.

Being around the kids puts a big smile on my face. I have watched them grow over the years and I look forward to many more years as a crossing guard.

Delrena Whitney
I have been a guard for VP Carswell School for 9 years now. I have enjoyed meeting new parents and students. They are mostly younger ones this year and I receive gifts all year: from shiny pebbles to weirdly shaped twigs and always bouquets of dandelions. I enjoy Halloween and Christmas as they get so involved. The older ones teach me songs and tell me about their weekend plans. These parents need to be very proud as all of these kids are one of a kind. My thanks to everyone.

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