City gathering information about local internet service

The City of Quinte West is gathering data on local internet connections within the city. The City will share this information with internet service providers (ISPs) to help them improve internet service in Quinte West and help ISPs plan their expansions into the local area.

Residents and businesses can complete a speed test and submit comments on the website The test can be conducted multiple times by each individual to collect data about fluctuations in speed at different times.

“The pandemic has shown us that access to high-speed internet is an essential service for residents,” says Brian Johnston, director of corporate services for the City of Quinte West. “By providing ISPs with information about the quality of service currently available, we hope they will be able to plan their expansions accordingly.”

The City of Quinte West encourages residents to watch for information directly from service providers regarding expansion, enhancement or new service opportunities in Quinte West and provide your feedback to them regarding any concerns with your coverage.

Last Updated: 5 months ago

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